Friday, August 22, 2008

Suing her birthday

The KSCB clique and a few of Suling's college-mates gathered to celebrate her birthday yesterday and I remembered my promised gift to Suling - chocolate mousse.

OH NO! *puts hands on cheeks* I totally didn't buy the ingredients. So I rushed my mom to drop me off at MyDin as I searched for these ingredients: Cooking chocolate, marsh mellows, whipping cream and butter.

But I already have butter at home. And bloody MyDin doesn't have PLAIN marsh mellows. Idiots! I didn't have enough time to go all the way to Giant to find one either. So I just bought this:

I couldn't find the bigger size, I bought two. Damn Mydin D: Replace your finished stocks please!

So the story went like this. It was 3:30 PM, I was to get ready by 6P.M and was at lost at what to do. I lacked MARSH MELLOWS, hello?! It's a crucial ingredient to make it creamy and m'm good. Got Tze to help me out "whip" the whipping cream in a blender, all nice and foamy. I melted the chocolate and took out the butter, only to realize I was supposed to use unsalted butter but I had no choice. Cutting a slice of butter into the pot, praying it'll turn out fine.

It kinda looked like this when it was boiling, bubbles! CHOCOLATE bubbles.

Hmm, doesn't seem so appetizing does it? I checked on the whipped cream and to make up for the missing marsh mellows, I added some milk and blended it. Roar, it became all milky and solid, not a nice thing to look at.

With faith, I poured it into the pot of melted chocolate and butter and mixed it. I tried a bit of it and it was like...OH MY GOD. I love it :#

Praise God for that! I searched for a nice container but found none, I used the only option left - a cheap, plastic container. So un-nice. =/ Spent about an hour doing that and quickly went to shower and changed, made-up a little and Sherry's mom agreed to give me a lift. Thanks hun<3

Suling, Isaac, Bravo, Sasha, Joshua, Billy, Yoei, Wen Pink, Zoe(me), Sherry, Karena, Uncle Josh, Andrew, Shaun, Stephanie (Missmynx), and Stephanie Kok. :D

Food was alright, not pricey and the company was enjoyable.

Billy, Yoei, Karena, Wen Pink and Zoe.

Coincidentally, Suling ordered a mango dessert and said she liked mango.
Sherry was showing off to me, "See, I'm so smart." That's because she ordered mango cake without knowing that. Pfft, whatever. *shows the whatever hand sign*

"We're sue-ing U! Happy 21st =>"
Sweety Suling, holding her cake.

Cute photo, she's blowing out tha candles, two big candles and one smaller one. Symbolizing her age. TWENTY-ONE! Still young...still young.

I like this photo, concentrate on the BACKGROUND. LOL, we're being so kyuuute! :3

Zoe, Sherry and Wen Pink. Candid and ironic.

Sasha failed slamming Suling's face into the cake. I was very, very much tempted to do so. I disclosed my evul plan to Yoei earlier on, but I dare not make the first move. Honestly, I also wanted to eat the cake so I kept still. ROFL.

Steph k, Wen Pink, Sue me, Z0E, Missmynx, Sherrymint. We all :heart: KSCB, don't we?!

Suling's holding Wen Pink's gift so innocently, bahaha.

We all left the restaurant with glee ;D Wondering what to do next, the "underage kids" couldn't follow them to club, Wen Pink, Yoei, Stephanie, and Billy left. What were the options?

Thanks to Sasha, we made it in MOS; Euphoria. No ID checks, no questions, no nothing. WOW!
Ladies night, thus we girls all got a complimentary drink. Thanks ah.

They all bought vodka, two bottles for RM$450 right? I used to like vodka but now hate all alcoholic beverages except for margaritas.

We entered at 10.30PM? It was still rather empty and the music was pounding, my ear was exploding and everyone was drinking. Except for me, of course. At around midnight, people started going to the dance floor and the party was heating up.

Me, being shy and innocent, stood at the table enjoying the scene. Hmm, nice music and light work. I love the flashes and colorful lights. I love MOS! While everyone else was shaking away, I just stoned.

Brazo was drunk, Andrew was high, Karena went wild, and Sherry was smoking(hot, I mean). Okayy. Karena kept asking me to dance but I was like, "Oh, it's fine. I'll be watching you guys." Of course I'm shy! Think about my past two experiences:

1)Momo, more known as Plush now. I SLEPT in the bloody club. There was a "VIP lounge" for us, and it WAS my first time. I made it past the security check with another person's EZ-link card. Ngek ngek... but wasted the night dozing away. :D

2)Ivory Penthouse, stood there. Bended my knees a little. Mostly chatted with my friends. Had a puff and walked out enjoying Clark Quay's view, yeap.

I guess somehow this time it was a breakthrough. 3 hours of persuasion and forced hip-swinging hands, I danced a little. Fact is, imma nooooob. Why would I wanna embarrass myself dancing like an amateur, when I should first observe and pick it up slowly. Riggghtt?

Forget that, it was fun and a cool experience.

Zoe, Sherry, Suling, Sasha, Shaun, and Stephanie.

I forgot to tell you guys it has been a 'goal' of mine to enter MOS before I'm 16. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, OMG. It's impossible in SG, the security check is bloody tight.

Hearts Stephy and Suling.

What vodka exactly? See lor. I didn't drink any, I swear! Maybe a littleee.

Don't be ridickulous, I even gave away my alcoholic complimentary drink. Hate the bitterness. Drank cranberry juice all the way, that's the way to live - healthy!

Sherry, Karena, Suling, Stephanie, Shaun, Joshua, and Zoe!

Hmmm, love them! <3 A very low possibility of us even knowing each other if it weren't for "Kenny Sia". So, let's thank God for his blog. Most of all, his chatterbox... hahah.


Sue Me said...

thanks so much for the choc mousse..loving it.i still have another half. gonna eat it for dessert later *hugs*
see u soon ok? love u :)

Missyve said...

I should make it again. This time, for EVERYONE! Our KSCB clique ;D
For Ren especially.

*hugs* muuuuuaacckks.