Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stay Over

Didn't update because I stayed over my friend's house for TWO nights and it was AWESOME! :D So, after Friday my Mom drove us around to collect our stuff and went over to Hannah's house. The purpose was to prepare for her church competition 'MY(Malaysia) got talent'.

You can sing, dance, act, draw, paint, design, fashion stuff, make-up, etc. Hannah's dream was always to become a fashion designer, needless to say, she 'designed' some clothes by buying huge T-shirts and cutting them up to her taste.

We were helping her out by being the models to showcase her clothes. I think all of the clothes are bought in Mydin, this my top! Not the shorts, that was given by Marielle which i love so much! So colorful and sweet, thanks again.

The best part of the stayover was PIZZA for DINNER! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO~ Yes, yes. Tons of calories and carbohydrates... but it was AMAZING. After being on a two-day mainly fruits-and-veggies diet, it tasted heavenly.
This was Domino's Special Sauce pizza, it sure is SPECIAL!

We had half of pepperoni pizza too. All of us had approximately 3 pieces each.

You thought it was ONLY a tube right? The sides are actually held together by thin strings extracted from the shirt.

We didn't do much, ate pizza...I practiced my make-up on Sherlyn. She lousily took photographs and made a video (HAHAHA). I was thinking of putting nail polish but decided to do it tomorrow.
It was cool. Slept around 1AM.

"Wake up Zoe! Wake upp!" nagged Hannah. "Ugh. Angie probably overslept ANYWAY. We can be a little late." I reasoned.
"Get up! What if she's waiting for us, *bla bla bla bla bla*...." -__-

Brushed my teeth and went to the basketball court, saw Angie playing there. I apologized and went to play with her.
I was so lethargic. Throwing the ball seemed to drain me of all my energy. Hannah was throwing it Granny style, you know... swinging the ball from the knee up.
20 minutes later we went cycling and left Angie alone for awhile for a little emo time :D

We were in Grandville, which has a playground and a basketball court included. I feel so safe inside! Hannah had a sweet idea of plucking some mini-flowers and giving it to Angie.
When we came back, Angie's dad was there and we all played hackey-sack (that feathery thingie that you use your feet to kick up).

I was dead bored when we played it for 15 minutes. I was DYING! I secretly signaled Hannah to go back when I "scratched" my neck. LOL~

"Uhm, what time is it?" she awkwardly inquired, "Ah, I think 9 please already." answered the uncle. So she said we had to go back and we quickly said good-bye.

Then I saw the 3 small flowers and handed it to Angie, "For you!"
"What about me leh?" mused the dad.
"Oh, one's for you!"
"What about the last one?" Angie wondered.
"It's for your wife," I told her dad and hurriedly cycled away.

It was so damn boring, I couldn't take it anymore! :#

Some other people came by, I was sleeping till 12.00 P.M, showered and wore the tube and made up myself. Everything was a rush, we didn't have time to created our shorts/skirts so we wore Hannah's.

We reached church at about 4.30 P.M and did the other girls make-up. When the time finally arrived for us to perform, I wanted to back out.

Firstly, we didn't have time to practice walking. Secondly, we didn't do our hair or nails. Thirdly, it was a stage, not a runway! Like, how the hell are we suppose to walk :S

WELLLLL... it wasn't bad. I just stood there...stoned. Playing with my fingers and looking at the ceiling. They gave a short speech about the clothes which was basically like this:

"Um, I bought the clothes and cut it up, and for this one... I also cut it up myself. I sewed it together and cut a few parts of it. Yeah..."

Okay. Good job! *:D* After that, we went to some chicken rice shop for dinner.

Nicholas was asked to say to say grace, and this was how it went. "God, thank you for dinner in the chicken rice shop, I pray that You bless the chicken, the rice, and the shop. Amen."


Indeed, Amen. Of course I was LMAO.

I look different with thick make-up, but Sherlyn looks so pretty! She was such a dork in the past, with glasses and no fringe. It was horweeble!

On the way home, we were all playing around. Nicholas kept poking my mole! UGH! So I poked his, then he poked Sherlyn's and she poked mine. *Awkward*

We reached 'home' and I rode the bicycle while Nicholas jogged. I look so trashy! :l
It took 20 minutes to do my eyes, okay. Rah, I won't be putting this type of make-up when I go out.

Wesley and Bryan came over for awhile and we played CASHFLOW!~
I was a driver, Sherlyn - Doctor, Hannah was aaaaa... someone rich. I won! HAHAHA, LOSERS! LOSERS!

We stayed over for another night because it was the HOLIDAYS! :D I love Grandville, it's sooo nice. If only it was a bigger villa, like those American ones. If I stayed there, I'd own a kitten/cat and a puppy, either a Maltese or a Pomeranian. And go cycling everyday! And do masks with Hannah every week! And play basketball with Angie too! Also emo at the playground every now and then.

Went home around 8 P.M, thanks for the stay-over.

P.S: I don't like Caramel, rawr. It bit me! D;<


Simon Seow said...

Cashflow, always wanted to play that game so that I can go out of the Rat Race lol.

So creative your friend with the string design using the T-shirt.

Missyve said...

Simon! you're so nice, you've been the only one leaving me comments


The game gets predictable after playing it twice though. She sure is :D