Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Petting at PAWS

I went to PAWS today. Real late though! Woke up at 2 P.M and asked my mom whether she could send me to PAWS. Off we went! I was sure excited about all the cats and kitten. Haven't been there in 2 months.

I've got some bad news, Charlie is dead. :l He committed suicide...

NOT! That's just his companion... too bad there aren't any more monkeys to keep him company.

He's doing fine, being a bitch as usual. Not liking children or female beings. He probably forgot me since I didn't go there for so long.

What was saddening though, a lot of new dogs and puppies were found. It is a good thing of course, better than them being on the road homeless and possibly abused by jackasses. Problem is, they don't receive the love or needed attention in the animal shelter.

I am more of a cat lover, dogs are loving and loyal (sticky and licky too!) Thus, I headed to the cats section.

Long whiskers you have... all these kittens are up for adoption. It's only RM$30-50!

In the "kitten cabinet", there are roughly 3-5 kittens put together in small room. They sleep in a cabinet which is hammered on top and come down for food and water by a wooden plank.

They lack so much attention that this kitty even climbed a dozen times meowing at me to be noticed!

Aren't they cute? Cheap too, in pet shops they cost hundreds. Whenever I go to the next cabinet, the previous cats I visited would call out to me for my attention.
Sorry kits, I wish I could adopt all of you!

I just find this cat super adorable! I was gonna open the gate and it started to climb up. Cats are so friendly!

I went to the puppy section. And this puppy which was full of life and joy the other time is now dead and hopeless. =/ Do adopt him please, he's adorable and fun. If you're the type that exercises a lot, this dog can run the mile with you!
Puppies are roughly around RM$100, dogs are RM$60.

And this poor puppy has breathing problems(staring at the camera), it's either hiccups or something else. When I petted it, it was rather apathetic but it seemed to have appreciate the concern.

The first dog is rather plump and I thought some dog raped a pig and evolved into this but it's just a reeally cute, chubby dog.

The second one is adorable! Sniffing my hands and excitedly jumping around. Too bad they are all locked up in cages.

I didn't dare to enter the cats room. They always accidentally scratch me :[
Like they want me to hold them so they climb all over me, or when they wanna jump off my lap. It hurts! I have this small fear of getting scratched (in the face especially) whenever I'm too near cats.

So I just play with them OUTSIDE their room. I'm so gonna adopt you!
After Pussy got adopted by someone, my heart broke. PUSSY! WHERE ART THOU?!
I'll name you Scratchy! :D Wait until I move into a house okay?

By the way, if you'd like to donate anything, ANYTHING at all. You can head to the shelter yourself or pass them to me so that I'll help you drop them whenever I go there. ANYTHING! Even online game posters. They use it as a shade/cover for the quarantine animals.

'Pet Food Donation Campaign'. Did your dog die? Still have some biscuits? Give them to PAWS! Or a chain, or doggy clothes, shampoos, dishes, plates, etc.

If PAWS does not receive enough monetary donations, they will have to put some animals to sleep. Meaning... mati mati. :[

I'd rather humans die than for innocent animals to! These newborns are only 3 weeks old! We also need fosters, to take care of premature puppies till they are 2 months old. Because their immune system is not strong enough for the diseases/sicknesses in the shelter. They will die.

I saw an aunty holding this pup. I asked if I could carry it, she allowed me and told me it was like...2 weeks old. It needs a foster, so I volunteered.

The problem was, it refused to drink milk.
DUDE, I can't take that kind of responsibility! What if it died in my apartment?! Obviously, I backed out.
I don't even know how to toilet train puppies! Talk about feeding problematic pups.

PAWS : Foster PAWS!

If it's too small, limme type it out for ya:

"Foster PAWS is a programme that has been set up to place young puppies and kittens in foster care till they are fully vaccinated, strong, socialized, and ready to be adopted.

Foster PAWS aims to:

Reduce animal numbers in the shelter.
Reduce the spread of diseases.
Socialize puppies and kittens to aid the adoption process.


I left at 4.10 P.M (PAWS is open from 9-4.) We went to Mydin for some grocery shopping and when weighing some apples, I saw this uncle waiting to weigh his hundreds of tomatoes!
You know what I call this type of people?


Anyways, when I saw the tomato section, half of it was gone. Great. Bought a few myself, they were pretty tomatoes! No wonder. I think he's either gonna do homemade tomato sauce or gonna sell them in the pasar malam.

Mommy was buying poultry and fish. And she asked me to walk around... that's really entertaining, Mom. Something caught my eyes, I couldn't see anything else. I blindly walked towards it, regardless of anyone passing through.

It was HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE SYRUP! OMG, heaven. Checking the price tag, my mom would never buy it. Ugh, whatever, saves me from some fats at least.

Will someone buy it as a belated birthday gift?!

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