Sunday, August 10, 2008

Michelle's birthday celebration

Weee! Just came back from Michelle's house. It was kinda fun, her birthday party was yesterday. I woke up at 1.30PM, blogged, showered and used almost an hour's time to make up. Left my home at 4.30PM to Michelle's place.

Remember to wear your seatbelts :D

The rendezvous was at The Pavilion. Michelle's uncle brought us to see the car parking control room. It's kinda plain... but the cool part was the surveilance cameras like EVERYWHERE. We also got a free parking :O

We reached just on time, while waiting for the others we headed to T.G.I.F a short-cut for Thank God It's Friday! It was a little bit distracting knowing that we were being watched. The uncle said, "One camera cost RM$20,000... it's thermal and the computer follows (tracks) people." They specially remembered all of our faces can find us anytime if they wanted to. Aiks.

A sip of martini.

I ordered something light to eat due to our postponed dinner because of a few late comers. It was some fried cheesy thing, but the waiter gave us the wrong order which was some chicken thing. After I ate the celeries did they tell us it was incorrect.
At least we got it for free :P

I paid the bill and left to meet the others at 8PM.

We dined at Crystal Jade restaurant. Before reaching there, there was a few complications of meet-ups and parking, etc. Which made Michelle a tad bit frustrated and all of us impatient. Everything went alright in the end

If you don't know, I do eat a lot. I ordered Cabonara and Grilled Fish Fillet, but I only managed to finish the spaghetti. :P We ordered Mud Pie for desserts and everyone shared.

A pity that Michelle and Hema didn't eat!

After that delightful dinner which amounted to RM$500 we went our own ways. The group left and I was the only Chinese in the Indian clique which was fine with me. We wanted to try out Lika Lika (a block away), sadly, it was full. Then I opted for Star Bucks, the guys wanted to go to a pub. Giving Planet Hollywood a shot...


We then went to an outdoor extension of Clique which was really smokey and warm. We proceeded to the bar/pub to get a seat inside after a waiter told us it was full. Then Kaveen was like, "That fucker bastard waiter said jnfcibfruibvenls#@$%T^Y&*&^%...."

Lawl! I was amused, we all ordered some drinks. I ordered Mucciolo, I think.

We played a round of blackjack, Michelle and Hema didn't know how to play so they remained snikomg while tittle-tattling. I tried multiple times to take a nice group photo but it was just too dim. The ambience and music was fantastic, the old, nice, sometimes jazzy songs were perfect. I'd go there again.

(I didn't edit the last picture.)

To end this section, here's a photo of me, Hema and Michelle! Happy birthday, even though it didn't exactly went as planned. Love you hunnies.

We girls stayed in Michelle's place and chit-chatted till 4A.M, I was eating tonnes of chocolates while lying on the kitchen cabinets. I fell fast asleep while they were busy chatting on the phone with some guy.


I was so tired but was awakened by the noise. Michelle and Hema were up chatting at I-don't-know-what time. The next thing I knew, I was alone with the maids. They went to the gym and LEFT ME! :O?! In my head I was like," Omg, I'm gonna kill Michelleee!~!~" But I was glad I had a pleasant sleep so just ate some oreos with milk. Doing the 'twist, lick, dunk' thing.

Later, they came back and after lunch we went to The Sunway Pyramid. Why did we go there for? You see, Michelle's family is going to New Zealand next week and it's WINTER! You can kinda guess which shop it was - Winter Times.

It brings back so many memories of winter back in Canada. I released a few sighs and went about feeling the texture of the clothes. Cashmere, wool, cotton, spandex, etc. The gloves were reasonably priced at RM$35, so was the earmuffs! I realized I never got to wear them before. I just wore a winter beanie that covered my ears with a scarf around my neck.

I WAS tempted to buy it, but knowing the holidays were coming, I'd probably need it for an emergency outing. I also advanced my allowance for two weeks for the party! =(
I would love to be a spendthrift, if only my circumstances allowed me to. Now I gotta start being stingy about everything, it makes me so aunty-like!

We went back to Michelle's place, I helped her mom put on a mask that Michelle bought from Etude. A girly cosmetic brand, a mixture of Anna Sui and Benefit (rather similar to Beautilicious.) I like the "horny hairbands" Hema bought yesterday from those road-sellers. Bahaha.

We also relaxed by putting on a mask by Himalayas. I finally found my mask-partner who is crazy about mask just as I AM! :D It hurt like HELL, way too sticky. Peel-off gel mask thang, ow?!

Of course with me, you can't escape my make-up addiction. I taught her a few make-up stuff and used my NEW Elianto foundation brush. So smooth, soft and niiice. RM$15, reasonable, unlike The Body Shop or MAC. I applied one smokey and the other one young/trendy. I applied the base for the mascara (Maybelline XXL) and HER LASHES WERE LIKE WHOA!

I used to have quite a length of lashes, but i was SO STUPID to trim it off. phack! PHACK~ Grow lashes, GROW! Anywhos, I applied minimal blush and combined two shades of lipstick.

Voi la, meet Michelle :D

Even without make-up she's naturally pretty with her strong features but it simply improves her texture enlightened her eyebags. Went home after dinner, thanks hun! <3

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