Wednesday, August 06, 2008

M-m-m-make up!

FINALLY, HALLELUJAH! My personal make-up class is FINISHED! COMPLETED! DONE! ACCOMPLISHED! (Whatever other words meaning ended)! I'd love to continue/extend my course into a professional one, but... maybe next time. This thing has been taking so much of my time and energy, and i'm glad it's finally OVER! Next year I'll take up: Professional Make Up and 3D Special Effects course. It'll be about RM$5000 at least.

Just hope I get to learn as many things as I can. Drums, guitar and the piano! Becoming multi-talented is awesome, possessing so many skills that your range of occupation is limitless. That is, IF my mom can afford to pay for these extra classes.
*frowns* Please bless me Lord.

So, updating on my last class. We learned about coloring. What suits what, the contrast and seasons of people's features. I'm SPRING~
I forgot to bring my towel, nice Hannah shared with me, thanks!

I'm running outta yellow concealer, OH NO!~ I only have green left, so I asked my mom to get some more Nu Color. I didn't know it was THAT expensive, it's RM$80. I kinda regret selling the last one to my friend for half the price now :( Any good, cheap/affordable, skin-friendly, yellow concealer? I'm thinking of buying the concealer wheel *pffft* once I save enough.

Which one is nicer? Michelle (the founder of the academy) did my right eye(left), while I duplicated it on the left one.

So damn hard to create sexy smokey eyes! It doesn't exactly suit me because I'm not the party-girl type, or the imma-pro-make-up-artist standing at branded cosmetic booths either. The good thing about it, is that it opens up my eyes and makes it appear bigger.

I didn't bother changing from school. I look DAMN different when I tie my hair, it's like from 20-year old to a CUTE school girl. :#
That should be a good thing. Uh.

$Money$money$ fall from trees or grow on me so that I can fulfill my dreams, please.

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