Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's a Saturday.

I went to visit a different church today - RLC! Which stands for Renewal Lutheran Church, it's at SS2. I woke up at 11.45AM, got up, used the computer and after awhile - showered. Checked out some Youtube videos, entered : Make up tips.

Thousands of videos appeared and most of them were Expert Village, which reminded me of a chatter who told me his cousin watches. I think it's FULL OF CRAP! Like really, they give mostly wrong advice, stupid methods, and dumb flattery.

I saw this one video from them - Learning How To Apply Blusher, or something. She practically dabbed blusher ALL OVER the recipient's face. She appeared to be having an allergic reaction and looked like the minor version of Elmo. But that "make-up artist" went on saying, "See... just keep it light...make it natural. Put it on the apple of the cheeks, up to the temples... see, it's like a C-shape. A little bit on the nose... forehead, and chin. *spreads the blusher between the chin and cheeks* See how natural it looks on her!"

I feel like getting a webcam (it's the PC fair now!) and make videos and become FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE!!~!~!~ So many successful stories! Chris Crocker, Happy Slip, Kevjumba, etc. Hmmm *dreams of a fan asking for my autograph*

Anywho, Aunty Nancy (Hannah's mother) picked me up at 3.45PM, disposed us, and went off. Okay. Felt awkward, haven't visited another church before. I wanna see a Catholic church, Presbytarian and all kinds of churches!

(I didn't look good, I shouldn't have applied make-up today. I looked good sans it recently!)

It was pretty normal, but we received free dinner! I'm not gonna tell you what I ate because people would start condemning me of my vegetarian beliefs. So, both of us didn't eat for THE WHOLE DAY! Only at 6 did we eat a McChicken Filet-o-Fish burger.

We pondered what to do! It was a SATURDAY! We can't waste a good weekend like this, and Hannah has become obsessed/crazy over Murni ever since I brought her there. Mommy drove us there, and I called Meng Yoei up, found out he was with WEN PINK!! Yay! So it was a happy meeting after all. I didn't see Wen Pink in THREE months! Missed youu!
And you AFKSCB a long time leh.
(cool short-cut I invented!)

Met two friends of Yoei's too!
TIANG!!~ Hong Yi
Me, Hannah and Wen Pink

A pity we didn't have a photographer so that we could included Yoei in. Well, next time... FOR SULING'S BIRTHDAYYY~ <3

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