Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a FRIDAY!

Today's a Friday and the LAST day of SCHOOL! WOOO~ I came late for school, like 9.30AM? Anyhow, I wore a tank top with jeans with a jacket over it of course. Read 'Boy meets girl' by Joshua Harris and when P.E time came, it was time to go out! A "class outing" was arranged and Mark drove us to The Pyramid in a CONVERTIBLE!

It was a Mercedes Auto Bavaria

Michelle, Hannah, Sherlyn and I definitely had a fun time.

Teacher Deborah and Mark walked around with us in The Sunway Pyramid and we went to The Fish Spa/ Doctor Fish to get a feet massage! They were all so sweet to have blessed me with 70% of the cost because I didn't bring much that day. Only RM$10 :l

Worse still, I stole most of the fishes.

That girl is such a noob at taking photographs. Ugh.

It was really ticklish at first, all of us were giggling and laughing like whores. I mean... girls. It was funny that I got the most fishes... what does that mean?!

I took a video, but I can't edit it in Windows Movie Maker. So I'll post it another time.

After 20 minutes, we moved onto the bigger and biggest fishes there. They sucked so much harder! I was worried if they would bite into our feet.
Suddenly~ a crowd of people were attracted to the shop caused by our screaming.

(At the different pool of bigger fishes)

Hannah and Sherlyn didn't get much fishies, Michelle and I did :D

The lady told us our time was up and I checked the time, we got 10 minutes more!
I was telling them about it and Sherlyn sheepishly said, "We brought in all that *points at other people* customers."
Sure darling, if you say so. ;D

We all needed to pee badly because we had a drink at Gasoline earlier on. It was my first time there and I hate it. IT SHUCKS. Michelle hun and I.

Also, we kinda got into trouble? This outing wasn't exactly notified... and a lot of complicated stuff happened which was "my fault". Some tattle-tail told on us and then 2 girls into trouble. The teacher knew then the school aunty then the mother blabla. They made it such a big deal like we took drugs or some shit. Michelle and I were fine because we already told our mommas. But still, I can go out without telling me mama anywayz.

At least we had fun! RIGHT?! Our feet weren't exactly smoother after, maybe it's because we're still YOUNG.

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