Thursday, August 28, 2008

Italiannies; Nuffnang Sharing Session Pt.2

Continuing, the people that I knew that were going was Sherry and Kate. I didn't expect 'Chuan' and 'Joker' from the KSCB to be going too! Talking about KSCB, there's a new look!

For those at work who secretly slacks away at the net chatting away in Kenny's Cbox. It's really makes you look hardworking. Rofl. I actually thought it was some new add-ons, and even tried to click on them. Idiotic me...=/

This is a more detailed post so it'll be rather lengthy and wordy.
This was everyone present at the sharing session. I whilst everyone else heads were sticking out awkwardly and uncomfortably, Kate's, Sherry's and mine's were perfectly aligned right next to each other. WHOA.

Food rating! mmm. When we all reached, there was some french bread and olive oil with soy sauce to dip, hell... I don't know what it was. Next was chicken Caesar salad, it was nice and HEALTHY.

To warm up our appetites, we were served with garlic bread and some cheese-like dipping with tomatoes on top! 6/10, because it's really fattening.

Pizza was 'omg-like', there was some chicken in it though. It still tasted great, 8/10. Heh.

This is uh, fried chicken with potatoes protruding weirdly. I only ate the potatoes so I'm giving it 5/10.

The main course finally came and all of us were already full. Carbonara is so 9/10.
It's mouth-watering just looking at it.

A much better different vantage point.

Ringo was taking everyone's picture with their blog URL to remember them. That's nice...but, I think my nails are distracting. Very...

Zoe, John Mah, and Sherry. :)

Zoe, Timothy Tiah, Sherry (with Cindy in the background).

I didn't get to snap a picture with Nicholas, a dude working in Nuffnang. If I heard correctly, he's in the sales department, meaning he's the one who decides what advertisements to give out to who. WHOA! There was this really annoying conversation with him. He was sitting next to the guy on my left.

So he introduced himself behind his back and we shook hands.
Nic: So...what are you doing?

Knowing he didn't know my age or expected me to be in university /working, I told him straight.

Me: I'm 15. -.-
Nic: *ignores reply* So what are you doing?
Me: Uh... i'm in high school? I'm 15...
Nic: *ignores again* So what are you doing?
Me: *gonna-cry-out-loud face* You don't believe me?! :( I really am-
Nic: *pats my head* Okay okay...

LOL. Totally mean! But he's nice... or so it seems. Hahah. Oh well, I'm glad i'm young and fairly more mature than my age. I do act childish at times because I don't wanna grow up TOO fast!

I'm waiting for photos of Kate's birthday celebration. *zzz*
Kuai dian!

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Dr. Tan said...

Ya really I thought you were 20 or so already, also. wtf