Sunday, August 24, 2008

Italiannies; Nuffnang Sharing Session

YESTERDAY, I went to One Utama's Italiannies for a Nuffnang sharing session (mainly from Ringo and Cindy.) :D Thank Godddd for those people who backed out because I entered really late and thanks Robb for replacing them with me. :)

I just really enjoy attending Nuffnang's meet-ups.

I haven't posted a picture with my tongue stud in MONTHS, so here it is!

I reached at 6.10PM, was usual. I wasn't being 'fashionably late', it's just that the circumstances always cause me to be.

Firstly, I was more excited about other bloggers than the food, in spite of it being free! But I was kinda shy when I got there and ate much more than I talked.

Hee, the food was DELICIOUS. Thank you, people of Italiannies (Especially the chefs).

I sat somewhere to the left, and to my surprise, Timothy and his new employee - Pinky sat in front of me and Ringo joined them too. Yay! I mean, I'm just glad I wasn't at an isolated corner even though Cindy was on the other side.

Mostly eavesdropping, the conversation was about engineering, mass communication, and other blablabla courses. I wanted to ask some questions like, "What is your nick Boss Stewie? When do you plan to get hitched?..."

Those awkward type of questions. Not wanting to say anything stupid, I just munched and munched on the yummy salad.

Kate, Sherry and I.

I was gonna grab some more Carbonara but they halted me midway!

Pretty much all of us were full by the time we finished the pizza, but I carried on eating as much as I could because it tasted so good!
Now the reason of this meeting came, whereby Ringo and Cindy stood up to answer some questions about Malaysian Dream Girls.

They were asked typical questions and I wanted to speak up but feared it'd probably be a not-so-right question. It's actually, "Do you think you won because of your dad?" I just remained silent... drinking my ice lemon tea, hee.

Desserts came! Woohoo, ice-cream cake on chocolate syrup. Hmm.. rather normal but still nice.

TEERAMEESOO! Everyone was like, "Omg, omg." Uh, at least I was. It tasted heavenly... Must. Eat. It. Again.

There was also this very nice lady named Sarah, she sat beside Timothy and she's so cute and pretty.

It was Kate's birthday and gave her a surprise, bahahah. That waitress holding the cake called Kate, "Kat, or Ca-te." Rofl, I was wondering what the * she was saying.

Indeed she was also the 'star' of that night, she was asked to blow the candle through the straw! She played it cheap of course! Slowly creeping nearer and nearer and blew it.

Funny, when I saw her posing with the straw knowing many people were snapping photos, I shouted accidentally, "POSER! Hahah" Then this girl replied," No, it's BLOGGER. Hahah, blogger."

Or the fact that Kate is a posy blogger. :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! My present will be late, sorry!
Her somewhat apple crumble-like cake was amazing. Should definitely try it out when you go to Italiannies.

The babes and I.

Who cares about The Kate, we want to copy some cake! Hehehee.

Sarah, Cindy, Ringo, Sherry, Zoe, and Kate! <3
(and I just realized David always being at the back.)

I was telling Timothy about my job application and how it got rejected by Robb.
LOL. No lah, I wasn't complaining... I was being a kid inquiring if I could have the possibility of working there one day.

All bloggers must check if their photos are acceptable.
But I bet it's more fun attending special events rather than planning/preparing them. Hmm.

I just wanted to have a friendly photo with Joshua, THEN hor he said, "Wah, tai ka jie." Then I acted all "big". LOL, I likey.

Zoe, Joshua and Sherry dear.


Robb was bending down, so I wanted to act tall. As long as Sherry is there, I don't needa worry about being the shortest. HAHAHA.
(lmao at David).

Kate darling, Zoe, David*, Robb, and Sherry hotty. I find this picture cute and sweet.

Yes, we were having a fun time. LOL, Sherry looks so cute here!

I gave Robb a big big hug after for being so nice to choose me as a replacement!

I was writing on Nigel's notepad when JOSHUA ONG took a retarded photo of me.

It seriously reminds me of last time...


Pinky, Ringo, Sherry and Zoe.

I was chatting with Cindy a bit. I knew she forgot me! We talked quite a bit at the Pajamas Party at the balcony and I wished her luck on winning MDG. Honestly, I did have the feeling she was gonna win. She stood out, well... that's what I think.

And she told me she found me familiar and remembered. Yay! Also, all the best for your acting career. I bet it'll turn out awesome.

To end the post, here's me and Boss Stewie! You should write and register your name at KSCB the next time so we'll know it isn't some faker. Hahahah, we won't ignore you. Promise!

Lastly, thank you - Joshua Ong for being an awesome photographer. He sent me all the pictures, mostly snapped by him. I'll probably load more photos later from the other peeps. Hah, it was really a wonderful evening.

Continue in my next post!


Dr. Tan said...

Hoi don't need to go school arr blog at these odd times.

joshuaongys said...

hor kena marah d!!! Hahahah tai kah jie say me loser sumore larh!!! and no i'm not an awesome photographer... so many blur pics i took sob.. dats why i didnt post the tai kah jie pic on my post.. hahahaha anyway nice seeing u AGAIN!! bleh

Dr. Tan said...

@Joshua - Taught you how to hold camrea properly, tak nak belajar.

TSk tsk tsk.

Missyve said...

dr.tan - i was still in the holiday mood T.T dead tired the next morning.

Josh- hahah, u din take that photo! nvm, you're still awesome! :P
Next time call tai ka jie out okay? LOL

dr.tan - don't bully my didi. rofl.

Simon Seow said...

Oh that symbol mean loser lol

Missyve said...

Simon - Noob.