Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emerge KL Workshops

Agagagah. I've been feeling really tired recently... why?!

It's a bad day because my period came, but thank God I was at home. Also, I was having problems matching my skirt. See, it's those type that you needa wear a long t-shirt/jacket/blouse to suit it. I was lazy to search for clothes and just threw on a casual sleeveless top.

I woke up at EIGHT IN THE MORNING, showered, made-up, and ate bread for breakfast.
I was surprised myself that I wasn't dead tired.

Mommy dropped us off at Sunway Resort and when we went in. To our surprise, Charisma and Padmini was checking out of the hotel. We sat in Charisma's car and parked in The Pyramid. We spotted Suzy and Elaine too, so they parked beside us and went off to the convention center together.


I remember you whacking me butt and messing up me hair! You ish bully I.

Service started at 9.30AM and we prayed, praised and worshiped GOD. Pastor Kevin preached about uh...

*Checks bag for sermon note and skims through it*

Increasing Measure! As in improving your relationship with God and not becoming stagnant in one level. Yeah, good message. Screw those IT peeps, they lagged in delivering the answers for our blanks in the sermon notes. Causing us not to fully comprehend the preaching. Is it that hard to remember to press enter on time?

Danial popped outta nowhere and I really couldn't resist his cute chubbiness!

I signed up for Social Etiquette & Personal Grooming (I really need more E.Q). We went to 3JC to eat and don't EVER go there. The food sucks like HELLSZX.

I got a balloon though! ^^ *Me-trying-to-be-patriotic*

2 P.M it was, I hurried off to the Luxor room for Starting a Children's Ministry workshop. A lot of interesting statistics like the probability of a certain age group to receive salvation.
>19 - 4%
13-18 - 6%
<13 - 46%

WOW?! The older you get, logic gets in the way of faith. I went for the other workshop and boy, was I glad I went. A speaker called Jill Lowe (about whom I heard J.Lo) demonstrated different types of standing position: confident, sexy, flirty, 'hiao', and manly. The way she explained it was so hilarious; an extremely nerve-wrecking dude behind me was laughing REALLY loud and repeated everything she said.


Jill carried on, shared a bit on hairstyles. "God look at the heart, but men look at the hair." She mused in her strange accent. I find her so poise and classy, an unbelievably fine woman. Here she is putting gel on a "volunteer" she picked out of the audience.

For China, you do a side-parting, America - brushed back, Bangsar - combed up, etc.
Funny, everyone was giggling as his hair was molested at every angle.

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time (3:15- 4:15P.M), we missed out on the color and body positioning. WAHLAU :( That's totally important, people. Next up was Miss Charismatic 2007 Singapore, Celeste Foo.

Taught us the basic steps of make-up which I already know. Oh well, just stayed to see if she had anything new to teach. Celeste is no doubt a beautiful girl; however, I couldn't help wondering how she appeared like sans make-up.

Celeste Foo and Zoe Foo. LOL(I wonder if we're related...)

Cherry, Jill Lowe, Zoe.

Celeste Foo and Jill Lowe. Both of them charming and ever so poised.

I went to my grandaunt's house after, I didn't really want to wait for the closing of Emerge. There's also no more Emerge in Singapore and Taiwan so...
YES, I WILL BE GOING FOR THE ASIA CONFERENCE IN SINGAPORE! RM$25 for transport and accommodation is so worth it. Go, go, goooo...

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