Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emerge KL and Kenny

I went for Emerge KL yesterday! It was at The Sunway Convention and honestly, I wasn't very excited about it. I was actually thinking about Starbucks (you all know what happened). But it was God's perfect timing that Emerge ended at 11 P.M which was the exact time Kenny showed up in Latte'8.

Mommy had a voucher. Since it was so timely that I wanted to look good and all. We went to Subang Parade's Parkson. Along the way, my old cargoes button fell out, AND the zip didn't work. So it was like WIDE OPEN. I had to pull down my "Little Miss Birthday" shirt constantly. *tard, awkward. I went to the counter and grabbed some newspaper to cover. All that walking with your pants unzipped made me look like a freak.

Finally, we reached the Paul & Joe counter. She said the beautician wasn't here. I was like bloody hell, you totally wasted my time. I gotta leave the house by 6 and it's already 5.30PM and I need at least half an hour.

Nevertheless, we wasted no time and headed home. I made up real quick and left home at 6.35 P.M. Boy, was it jammed. In The Summit road, we were stuck for half an hour.

I wore a lot of jeweleries yesterday. Two rings, one necklace and a pair of playboy earrings. LOL!

I hardly wear them because I tend to lose them. Like how I lose 3 of my studs. :(
Not to mention countless of earrings and bracelets. *sighs*

We arrived at the Pyramid at 7.40 P.M, praise and worship already started. Thank God it was a long one, we managed to slip in the last song of praise. After offering, O' School performed, then Danny One, Will Liu and his wife who was Miss Taiwan 1999 came on stage. I like Danny One's song, all about saving this world from global warming by praying (awww!).

IT WAS TIME FOR P.O.S! Wee. Much better, last year I joined, i quit on the first lesson. I'll definitely join two competitions next year, but wait, that's what I said LAST YEAR. Oh well, bother. Sadly, VU (my cluster) was last in the gold medals. Nevermind, we have a lot of bronze, ROFL.

I left at 10.45 P.M to meet Mommy at Thai Thai. I hurried to Starbucks first, heh.

It's so awesome to be in the limelight!

Not wanting to keep Mother waiting, I rushed off to Thai Thai. I didn't know where it was, so I called her. "It's below Baskin Robbins." I went all the way to BR, went down the lift, to realize it was THE BLOODY GROUND FLOOR. Bloodee hail.

It's new and nice. If you notice, there's only two customers inside. The one on the left is my mom, while sitting right opposite her was some dude.

Mommy told me to take a picture of a chandelier, I always wanted one in my "future" dream home. Mmm!

This is probably how I'm gonna look 35 years later. I love you, Mommy!

I dragged Mom to see the 8TV thing and whispered to her," That's Kenny Sia."
And she was like, "*blur face*Oh..." Okay... you probably don't know him because you only check e-mails online, but that's great. Leaves me more internet time usage.

Kenny came out later and I think that his GF was telling him to relax or something. I never saw her before so I'm not certain.
Anywho, I shook his hand and said,"Hey Kenny! Can we take a photo? I'm Zoe, the one you made a moderator." (Since now it's no longer a secret :[)
He asked if I can see the functions and all and everything was fine. Then I asked him, "Why were you convinced to make me a mod?"

His reply was rather shocking," Well... I guess I just trusted you." In my head I was like what the, but you don't even know me O.o
"Wow. Okay..." was how I responded. ._.

Sorry lah, my camera phone is sucky. I need a digital one. So Howe helped me to take a photo with his camera. He told me later, "That camera is worth thousands!"

We left at midnight and all of us were very tired.

I'll be going for Sunday's Emerge. Who wants to meet up?! Oh, and the workshops too.


garfield said...

it is a waste of time for u to rush to the latte@8, this week's guest is boring.

kenny looks more ugly than in his pics.

i know kenny is ur idol, but i am just telling wat i think.

Missyve said...

no problem garfield and he isn't my idol, lol.

I only stopped by for 10 mins. And Kenny isn't really photogenic, I guess.

Më| §zë said...

hi... i attended emerge 2008 today...
enjoyed myself a lot!

joshuaongys said...

i was @ emerge O.O

Simon Seow said...

Don't ban me.

Missyve said...

mel sze - Emerge is fairly entertaining :)

Joshua - you never call me wan.

Simon - Gimme ice-cream! Hehehe