Friday, August 01, 2008

Elmo, my hero.

it's like 1AM, and a "tampon" is stuck it my left nostril. Meaning I rolled some toilet tissues, I can't believe Yoei actually thought I used a TAMPON, I don't even have any or tried it out before. Ugh, men.


I was all alone and afraid. Mom left in the morning for a business trip, Tze was out the whole day and only came back 10 minutes ago. You had no idea how petrified I was. In the afternoon, when I heard some clashing or dropping of stuff outside my room, I immediately crept outside with my cellphone. Eying all corners and the kitchen to see if a intruder invaded my apartment.

I get so paranoid at times. =.=

So, good news... I watched The 'X' Files. Sucked big time! I prefer their T.V series, way more interesting and entertaining. My next movie - Red Cliff.

My nose started to get stuffy, so I blew it with a tissue lightly. THEN BLOOD CAME OUT.
Eew, when will this stop DUDE! Thank God I had ELMO by my side! God knows what would of happened if it weren't for him.
See, he's so caring about me.

I was so frightened... all alone, at home. Nobody to talk to or be with. Even if all my friends abandone me, I know Elmo will always be there for me! RIGHT ELMO?!

ELMO ACTUALLY LOVES ME! For.Who.I.Am. I love you tooooooo.

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