Thursday, August 07, 2008

Celebrities Sans Make-up

It'd be great living in the fast lane and being envied by all. Looking your best is a MUST! I used to be confused with the meaning of beauty, I thought real beauty was your original face and that make-up was merely enhancing it. Now, I've got my own theory. Your real beauty would be with make-up which would be how you look like if you possessed the perfect skin and healthy lips with thick eyelashes.

Otherwise, sans it all... that would be your TRUE face!
Yup, that's my thinking and hypnothesis.

Last night, a online chatter gave me a link. Check it out yourself if you're interested, I got all my photos from it. My mom was beside me and we were busy looking and gawking(no, my mom didn't), so I'm gonna present to you the importance of MAKE-UP!


Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. Both gorgeous and hot celebrities, yet their true faces doesn't appear to be so pretty after all. They aren't THAT bad, skin tone is even and clear. Two of them still look very much alike without those colored powders.

Hilary Duff, Victoria Beckham and Kirsten Dunst. One's Lizzie McGuire, next is Posh Spice and the last one is Spiderman's GIRLFRIEND! They oughtta look fabulous every moment for their BF's, you wouldn't want Spiderman breaking up with you. It'd be a really sticky issue.


Avril Lavigne was a pop teen choice for some MTV award years ago. Lovely lips, spell-bounding eyes and a beautiful straight nose! Disappointedly, after washing all that away. She looks like a average pale/sick Caucasian.

Cher! Ah, I remember her since I was 6, she was singing, "Do you believe in life after love (*echoes* after love after love)..." I didn't know how she looked like till I saw her album 2-3 years ago in Popular. I was shocked, and now i'm horrified!

I don't know who the hell Anna Kournikova is but I'll say she's stunning on the right. While I'll keep my thoughts to myself for the left picture. Buttttt... it ain't like fugly or anything :D
*positive thinking, positive thinking!*

Guess who she is. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE! I was like covering my mouth with my hand, "Oh my ggaaahhhh. NO WAY! IT'S... IT'S KELLY CLARKSON!" Holy MACARONIS! I saw her "Never Again" MTV and she looked awesome. This is just too much to handle.


Operah was a role model for me, back when I stayed in J.B, I'd watch her talkshow everyday. That is where I started to become health conscious because she'd always give health tips. No offence but she's like an estrogen-deprived transsexual over there. In her youth, she was a fine lady though.

Penelope Cruz, don't know or care much about her. I find that she has damn ugly eyes but after applying eyeshadow, it is very complimenting.

Christina Ricci, never heard of her. Except that slim/slender/sexy/firm body of hers gives me the impression she's a top model. Tell me that's some other woman =l
Say it ain't so!

Rachel Hunter. From show-stopping to show-running.

Pamela Anderson. So not Baywatch.

I think I've proved my point. The illusion that make-up creates is unbelievable. A warning is to not depend too much on it. Wear it on a daily basis and in years you'll come to regret, never looking the same without it. Don't ever lose your own glow. Maintain your natural radiance by washing/toning/moisturizing your face regularly.

I'm too lazy to follow a skincare routine. Perhaps next year :D

I found some really neat videos by the way
Geisha Make up and Larger Looking Eyes

. Despite taking up make-up classes, I know there are lots of other methods/tricks I've yet to know.

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