Thursday, July 31, 2008


First of all, HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYBODY! Why, it's the first of August ALREADY! It felt like January two months ago, no kidding. My clockwork is screwed up. When I thought some incident happened a week ago, it was actually yesterday. Seems that I'm too coped up with stuff.

As you can see, I HAVE A NEW BLOGSKIN! YAY! And it's all thanks to Evelyn. She was such a sweetie to have spent hours working this troublesome skin out for/with me. We both spent two days on this, the first day she was busy enlarging the damn small banner, etc. While last night we spent 3-4 hours working out the errors, whenever i inserted Nuffnang ads/tagboard(chatterbox), everything screws up.

I'm so sorry to have troubled you! Thanks so muchhhiee, don't worry... you can get your free make-up application anytime (:

But we still have some template thing to solve -.-


Today's a Friday,woooooooooooo! Except I didn't go to school. Argh. I didn't attend school yesterday either. I was sick, with a minor fever, and a little bit of a flu. Gobbled down some Nutrilite tablets and watched Kung Fu Panda(I watched Batman the night before). Of course it's pirated VCD la, you think laobu so rich meh!

Oops, sorry... just trying to keep some Singlish with me.

So. This morning I felt much better, though still coughing a little, i showered went to my room. With the towel wrapped around me, I was putting on some lotion on my face, which I only do every week because i don't see the need of putting it everyday, I rubbed my nose then suddenly...


Mom: Huh,what?

*Rushes to the toilet with my left hand under my nose*

It was awkward, hell yeah. I haven't changed and I was still wet. You have no idea how uncomfortable it was. I was talking to myself.

"Gosh, my period ended today and blood came outta my nose, wth. Is this some sort of sign?!"

I like blood. I like the brightness/thickness of the color and the importance of life in it. So i actually took my cellphone and took some sick photos. Oh gosh, what is wrong with me.

Nothing of course!

After several attempts of washing my face(particulary my nose) I folded some toilet paper and stuck it up.

Me: I guess I don't have to go to school today huh. *smiles inside*
Mom: Well, i'm going out of town today so you shouldn't be at home alone.
Me: Why? I'll have no transport... blablabla.
Mom: blablblafollownicoleblablabla~ What if you don't stop bleeding? And need help?
Me: I'll call 911. I mean 999. I can take care of myself.

In the end I DIDN'T have to go to school, a good and a bad thing.

I tried to eat my wholemeal muffins with some patches of Kraft's cheese. Tasted horrible and the tissue was kinda disturbing. Folded a smaller tissue "tampon" and ate it reluctantly.

Thanks Mom! You're the best!

P.S: I know those photos aren't a pretty sight and I didn't even get to put lotion on(washed it away). I'm sick = pale skin. My nose haven't bled in two years!

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