Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bitchy I am not.

For my 333rd post, I'm just gonna blog about some random and annoying conversation. I'm not proud of the fact that I have over 1000 friends in Friendster and know only a quarter of them. I don't like strangers adding me for 'numbers' to make them feel popular when they're losers adding people they don't know. I especially don't like guys who just added me to ask for my number, if it's an e-mail address, I wouldn't mind.

I just checked my Facebook today, and I had one mail in my Inbox.

Benjamin (censored)
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July 21 at 7:39pm
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" benjamin...24 m sel...was browsing around facebook in the mid of the night/morning and stumble accross ur profile..just thought i drop you a message and if u dont mind we could get to know each other more or someting thru msn if given a chance?

btw im just lookin for some1 sincere to talk to if u wan to u can add me here on my msn: (censored)@(censored).com

till then take care ya?

Zoe Yve
August 1 at 11:11am
"take care :)"

Benjamin (censored)
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August 1 at 2:57pm
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"...tats a reply?"

Zoe Yve
Today at 4:27pm
"well, clearly, my MSN address is on my profile. Unless u can't view my profile. I guess i'll take that " Take Care :)" back then.

Have a nice day.

P.S: I am not a bitch."


Simon Seow said...

Yeah! New template can comment.

Missyve said...

But whut's the point of comments?! o.o