Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonial with Shaun

Tired. 3AM, and kinda pissed off too after I found out my picture was deleted without my permission. I'd love to give a piece of my mind but I thought...what for?
One thing I'd like to say is 'phuck them.' Phuck this whole damn world. I love everyone!

We celebrated someone's birthday 'today'! Who else but dear Uncle SHAUN!

It was a darn hilarious surprise party. We all crept around, snooping carefully so that the whole planne-out scheme would not be wasted. Rachel Quah and Esther Teo was doing a good job stalling him since we needed extra time.

Thank God we managed to shock him :D Or else all our efforts would of been... pointless. Also Praise the Lord that I didn't although nearly ruined two surprises, it'd be so frustrating.

Happy birthday Shaun Lim! Hope you were touched and had a delirious day.

Not forgetting Kent Por. The birthday boys.

So coooooool. Especially being able to celebrate on this auspicious, unique, once-in-a-lifetime day!

Esther Teo, Rachel Quah and I don't know... some nerd. Miss them so much! After they left school for college, it's been rather different. But I'm glad for them, they're both moving on and crossing over from high school to... to college.

Oh dear, this girl came immediately after school. Didn't get to change or shower, nor try to look more decent. What a geek! With Shaun and Rachel! <33

But I must say, today wasn't a very photogenic day for Rachel and I. We looked kinda weird and different in the pictures. She's much prettier in person really.

SUPPOSEDLY, a height-aligned photo with Wesley being the tallest. But noooooooo... Rachel insisted to be the first, the TALLEST. agh, turned out to be a nice group photo.

Leaving Sunway College, we circled around The Pyramid. After some chatter, Shaun's house was our next destination. Took some food away, THANKS ESTHER FOR BLESSING US!~!~
Love youuu, not because of the food of course!

I didn't have any appetite so I declined eating but she said, "Zoe, you're eating okay. If you're my friend you HAVE to eat. I won't let you not eat."

I was speechless. I just nodded obediently, thinking in my head what a sweet girl she is! Here we are at his dining table, when we arrived his parents were watching the Beijing Olympics opening.

All these food was take-away, except for the pasta. It was all very delicious, of course I -being vegetarian and all~ didn't eat the meat. It was a lovely dinner! I just kept on eating and eating and eating even though I was BLOATED! The pasta was so tasty and I ate like 3 servings of food. I eat a lot in special occasions/party.

I gotta start shedding some fat off, i'm forming a flabby tummy! EEW!

Our dessert wasn't helping me in dieting either. MMM~ But we all loved it, didn't we? The cream-filled/non-holey donuts we left it for the parents.

They have this cutlery that's like WICKED! See, see... so cool. Like me. :#

There was a banner that was thoughtfully painted by Rachel Soon. I had a clear photo of it, but some phucker deleted it. Since it was already seen, whut's the point of removing it again. Like I'll repeat the same mistake twice.

They thought of a plan, they pasted a 'Read me Please' note on it and left it in the freezer. Then they asked him to get them some water and to add ice into it.

1)When he opened the freezer, he was shocked to find newspapers inside the fridge.
2)Shaun was thinking out loud, "Eh, inside got durian is it?"
3)"Hahaha... you guys put durian inside ah?" Still clueless what it was.
4)He placed it on the floor to unravel.

What was it?

He was dumbfounded, after all... he only caught a glimpse of the photo.

Wee, hope you like it. Rachel took 7 hours painting it. How nice.

He had his own birthday cake, the same one every year. We were stuffed! It was like the feeling of being fed to the limit so that we'd be fat enough for slaughtering.
Pretty cake... salty too!

After singing the Birthday Song, their cameras all ran outta batteries. My lousy 2mpx cameraphone wouldn't do. Scrambling around for cameras and batteries... Shaun's mom was like," Hurry! You see... the Olympic flag rising! Faster, faster!"

They muted the T.V. to celebrate for their son but they were actually focusing on the telly. Bahahah, funny.

And we all missed the flag raising ceremony just for dear SHAUN LIM! Be honored okay... they love you more than the Olympics, right? :P

We went for a drink at Puchong after dropping someone off. Lmaoooo, Rachel was following Danial and he purposely drove fast to mislead her since she only got her license two weeks ago. Chatted for about half an hour then left. It was really pleasant meeting Shaun's sister, Nicole... such a cute lady like Shaun. I mean, i'm not implying he's a girl...agh, nevermind. You get what I mean.

Thank you Daniel Yee for sending me back home. I was quiet because I was neutral the whole time, wasn't excited or happy or bored or sad. Just neutral. I did enjoy myself though... most of the time.

I don't wanna go out anymore after tomorrow. I need to save money for my make-up products and coveted clothes! RAH~ Don't go out Zoe, till November. NOVEMBER! Screw movies, dinners, lunch, FOOD, and simple luxury. Screw it all. I live for myself.


Simon Seow said...

Zoe, you look tired in the pics.

Missyve said...

Simon - u're so observant! Yeah, it was after school and all. Was jus a little bit, thanks! I look so horrible though!