Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why so serious? (la)!

(If you didn't get it, it's resembling the Joker in 'Batman'.)


I reeally really wonder. Is it ME or THEM? I don't know. I'm assuming it's them.
Bloody sensitive, conservative PEOPLE! Whatever. I refuse to apologize because I feel that I didn't do anything wrong.

So it's fine for YOU to say something to me, knowing that i'm 'cool' and open-minded about stuff but I can't do the same 'cus you're a bitch that won't tolerate? All the times you were rude, inconsiderate, impolite... i keep quiet. I make one MINOR mistake you go on exaggerating the hell outta everything. Well, freak off and mind YOURSELF.

No doubt I've been praying, soul-searching and repenting these few days. I still feel no guilt nor wrong. I will not placate you, I am not a suck-up, nor do i give a damn about leaving a 'goody-girl' impression. Think of me what you want but I won't be a push-over.

Yeah. We're friends. I prayed, and I felt it was also a positive thing.
I became more aware. Knowing about how other's felt and how I should hold back at times. This I must also thank you. You've corrected me justly at times which I did take notice and prevented myself from doing it again. Although you've failed to realize yours. I don't bother correcting other people and justifying myself. Rather, I keep silent and watch you get away with the same things I did untold, accepted, and escaped scrutiny.

Now. Is that fair? A bias opinion?

Just because I'm not threatening nor snappy doesn't mean I'm someone to be picked on. I can take JOKES, guys do way beyond the limit you guys have and do it to me. Isn't that counted as mean? No? Okay. Well, tell you the truth. I do things that I feel is acceptable when done to me.

You guys do things to me that you guys would of labeled: mean.

But i don't vituperate and blow-up. It shows such partiality. If someone else does it, it's SO-DAMN-FUNNY! And it's FINE! If I do it I'M-SO-MEAN and ABNORMAL. But it's fine. I'll keep still and silent. Till one day it goes wayyyyyyyyyyy over, and I just tell you off. I won't bother remembering your mistakes nor manners. 'Cus I can't be damned to give two figs about it unless you annoy me.

PHEW! That felt good. I won't disclose who these 'friends' of mine are.
Blogging IS for releasing/expressing yourself. That' why I love it so much!
Oh well, nearing 2 AM now, and i feel AWESOME! It's so therapeutic at times! ^^

The point of this post is: Don't be a bitch and why so serious?

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