Saturday, July 05, 2008


Sorry for lack of update! Internet at home sucks, so I couldn't upload any photos at all so I decided to neglect my blog.

Starting from Monday, 30th June. I went to my aunt's house. But first went over another relatives' house. Two adorable kids were under their care.
Wish I had a brother like that T.T

mmm, I don't like Dunhill nor Marlboro. I don't like smoking anymore, period.

I usually don't eat lunch at school, so after reaching aunty's house it was tea time!
Very thin pan cakes with durian! *SCREAMS* It isn't AMAZING, but it's simple yummy!

Also before that, we went to buy fruits and i saw CHERRIES! OMGWT! I haven't seen nor eaten them in YEARS! I love cherries! They are no.1 in my list if fruits.

(As you can see, I was having a blast eating them!)

What are my favorite fruits? Limme list them down for ya:
4)Blue berries


Meet the Bubby's, it stands for Chubby Buddy's melded.
Sherlyn and I are Skiddy's! Skinny Buddies!

Let's state our differences.
Mean, cute, lovable, supportive(of each other), annoying.

Nice, skinny, quiet, betrays(sherlyn supported Mario over ME!), mature.

I'll find my own Skiddy! But I must say, that photo is darn cute! Hahah.

Continuing, yesterday we went to The Summit to catch a movie.
All of them wanted to watch Hancock, but I was hopeful I would get the free premiere screening by Nuffnang so i objected! NO! I'll watch Get Smart.
Since Denise already watched Hancock the day before, only the both of us caught Get Smart.
While the rest (Tch Deb, Sherlyn, Elliot, Danielle, Marielle.) ALL watched Hancock together. Gee, awesome people!

But thanks Denise! Very sweet of you to accompany me. There was a horrible chlorine odor in the cinema and then a very stinky toilet smell. Never watching there again, goodness.

Since our movie was earlier, we came out half an hour earlier than them and headed to The Soy Shop. We both ordered Tou Fu.

Then I ordered a second one. Chocolate balls!

It's absolutely delicious! 5 balls for $RM3.60 ONLY :D

On the walls were soybean bags neatly hanged. All the soybeans are imported from CANADA!
Omg! I never knew that, other than being proud of my country for their maple syrup, Canada's soybeans are a great quality too!

All of us ate Subway after that, I had no more money left so I borrowed 11 bucks from Marielle, Monday I shall repay! Thanks sweetie.

Subway taste real good, should go there more often. When I came into Subway, I was thinking of an incident in Singapore. It was darn funny.

I was with Sje Ting and Isaac, and I said I wanted Subway. She was like, " Cause Way Point have what."
I said," What? No, I've been to CWP for 5 years and all my life I never knew there was a Subway there. Don't have lor!"
Isaac insisted, "Have lor."

Then when Sje Ting was leading me to the back... I realized they got it all wrong.
Blur Sandy was so confused and realized her mistake. Lmao.
So of course I slapping stuff on people's face, I carried on saying, "You guys are Singaporeans living in Woodlands while I've been in K.L for so many months and I know CWP better than you guys!" In your face!

Hahah, I'll always remember this whenever I eat Subway. Always.

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