Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Someone's smoking~

Yesterday, COLORING CLASS WAS CANCELED! Brought my school-mate over to experiment on her face with our expertise. Blablabla, a very problems like Hannah coming over and we decided to go to the academy for practice. Till we found out we weren't allowed to bring friends along. Then change of plans, Nertt (our teacher, though we call her Nerd) said since we're coming she'll replace Hannah's missed classes and teach me smokey eyes! Which I've been bugging since the beginning it started.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO CREATE SMOKEY EYES! It took me like 20 minutes for each eye, it was my first time after all.


What do you think?
I thought lighter colors suited my sweet face better because I never put such dark colors in my LIFE before!
Since i'm EMO nowadays, I kinda liked it!

We sent our school-mate back home first since she has a CURFEW(and she's 18! *Tsk* :P) and had supper at MyDin again. Hannah was craving for Murni ever since I brought there but a pity we couldn't go, oh well... next time!

It's annoying when uncles look at you and do that squeaking sound, I learned that they're called rats! When they see you and do the "kissing sound", Hannah was like, "Rats!" I wanted to do something else like...


Hm. Nevermind.

The thing I didn't like is the shape and intensity of certain parts of the eyelids made it hard to get a nice photo at different angles. Sooo, in all of these pictures below, i look pretty horrible.

I like her eyes O.O So big, cute and nice!

THEN HOR! We saw two butch lesbians and we were wondering if they were male or female! Gosh, it was so hard to conclude... but by their slightly feminine face we assumed they were lesbians. Then I started asking, "I wonder what they do together..."

Han: Yeah...
Me: Oh! I watched porn before and they suck...
Han: sshh! *smacks my mouth*
Me: WHUT!? They suck each oth...
Me: Fine -.-

So when we were pondering about that...we took a picture looking freaked out(above).

Queer photos! :D

It looks tooo fake, so obvious i'm not picking my nose =/ I must master the art of nose-picking pretence!

Okay... I don't know what she's doing.

We left at 11PM, I brought my make-up box back for practice, oh yeah... ANYONE NEED A BASIC/PERSONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST?! Boo, I need a job. Badly!

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