Monday, July 21, 2008

Sense not Style

Last Saturday, 2 days ago... I missed church because I attend the Sense&Style make-up workshop. Which did me no good in the end. It was rather pointless and a waste of time. But hallelujah we found out there was a sale, like... EVERYWHERE!

I wore my Levi's... it's like the dozenth time. I can't bear to wear it even though I bought it two years ago! Argh! Stingy me. It's getting tight now, so imma wear it more often.

I, at first thought it was a WORKSHOP... like you talk in a megaphone/microphone and give tips about make-up. So I already applied mine, but nooooo. It was a one-on-one thing, whereby the students of S&S teaches you the VERY basics of make-up which I already knew after a year of putting make-up. Gees, crappy cheap advice they give.

We walked about for an hour then another hour looking around... simply walking.
Mom realized the time and rushed the paying machine. We were 2 minutes late which would equivalent an hour's worth of parking. UGH! So we decided to go around for another 50 minutes and come back in time. My pathetic photo of the Twin Towers from Time Sqaure.

Talking about SALES! The only good thing being in Malaysia is the ever-so-cheap clothes you find and the oil price nonetheless. Everywhere: SALES! RM10 ONLY! SALE SALE SALE!
Of course they weren't FABULOUS designs or material, but I'd say pretty good for casual wear. I bought these two. RM$12 for the top and RM$15 the skirt.
I likey!

Bought a few other RM$10 stuff which I can bear to give away once I grow out of them. Hee. Went home after.

Malaysia Truly Asia...? Bulllll.

Next day on Sunday, I went for Sunday's body art workshop! At least I finally improved a little. I was horrible, terrible, vegetable! But now it's acceptable.
I went home to practice the rest of the paint off.

I HEART the pink(and cheap) top!

It was a busy week for me! Not to mention for this whole week I have make-up classes so I gotta pack all my basics into the box.

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