Sunday, July 06, 2008

Red Box and Star Bucks; Ren's farewell party.

Yesterday, went to Sunway Pyramid by Tze driving me(whoa!). Firstly,I was wondering what on earth to wear! So i thought something casual would do, a tank top with shorts?

NAH, I've learned from experience to never wear short shorts in Malaysia 'cus uncles are extremely annoying and conservative fuglers would call you a 'SLUT'.
And I was labeled that before just because I wore a mini-skirt to church.
_|_ you :D

I did my make up properly so I guess I looked fine.

HOHOHO! Guess who was driving? HOE-E!

When we reached we only saw Lih Ren&Yen. We were the earliest!
Bought a room and dived in for the buffet!

Soon, Karena, Stephanie, Justin, Jane, and Andrew arrived. We girls went to wash up in the toilet.

Need I say anything else?

We all cheered, I'm holding that big green bottle, HAHAHA.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm Seng!

I was the only one not drinking any alcohol there although I pretended to consume a whole bottle of wine. =P

We're showing how happy drinking can be, and in the latter picture... the results - drunkenness.

(We celebrated Yen's birthday and sang him a horrible birthday song. I don't have the pictures for this one.) Sorry! A very happy belated birthay to you Mr.Chang! :)

9.30PM our time was up and we were thinking to enter Coco Banana or yamcha somewhere else. We decided Star bucks. Man, I'm starting to think KSCB's trade/landmark is McDonald's and Star bucks. Andrew and Ren brought their laptops so we surfed the net.

I'm with Yen!

Suling's camera had a special anti-shake mode, I didn't believe and waved my arms right to left repeatedly. To my surprise! IT'S REAL!

HAHAHAH. Wanna know the meaning of this picture? Guess it first.

We were all doing stupid act-cute poses, like 1,2,3 hand signals with our fingers.
Suling said,"I'll give anyone 5 bucks if they can do 100."
She now owes me $RM5 my friends. :D
(If you don't get it, my eyes are the two zeros.)

Karena, Zoe, Sherry and Suling! :heart: <-- if only I could!

Four, three, two, one!

We were supposed to do something stupid. I was dubiously treating the container as a cell phone. While Sherry was acting cute, and Karena was... i don't know what she was doing.

We were thinking what funny pictures to take. And ingenious KARENA had a ahem* thought in her head and stuck two of her forks in front of Sherry's...
We stood still, posing for the camera. 3 seconds later we understood the meaning and burst out laughing.

(I look so idiotic while Sherry seems sooo embarrassed! HAHAHAHA!~)

Suling, birthday-boy, me and Shewwy!

Hearts Suling sis*

Stan was also a part of this KSCB meeting, through webcam! He appears to be saying," Halt! I come in peace. Jaaaaa~"

(Steph+Ren's specs+bag)+(Ren+Steph's handbag in a gay pose)= HILARIOUS

Steph was smartly gorgeous in that turtle-neck top while Suling was sexy :3

Darling Suling and I had similar blouses.

Stephanie, Zoe, Suling<3

Karena was busy showing Sherry and I her shopping spree of dresses, Yen was all alone and bored. Poor guy.

I'm gonna end with this group photo of us.
Can't wait to see you guys again, haah!

Thanks Ren PD for sending me home, muah*

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