Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Real Mart Gift

Meet Princess Silver Fresh Juicer (1968).

She's a beauty! Ain't she? It is a easy-to-use citrus juicer with 2 different cones! Suitable for ANY kind of citrus fruit. And a automatic left & right rotation for more juice exemption. There's also a folding spout that prevents dripping. Inside a dust lid and cord storage. Whoaa~
Power Output : 35W

It'd be THE perfect gift for a princess! :D

Oh CITRUS juicer is it? Something sweetly sour and pleasantly delightful! I know a friend who's exactly like that. Who else but SHERRY!

But why on earth would i give her a juicer? Hmm *thinks*
So that she can continue to stay in shape and 'cus everyone wants a juicy piece of fresh sherry! *gulps* I'm suddenly thirsty already! =D

Hope i get sherry juice with a minty hint with no sugar added.

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