Monday, July 21, 2008


HEY GUYS! I'm going off for make-up classes now, even dragged a school-mate along! Yay!
Considering the price, it's so worth it! RM$300 discount, so it's only $RM88 now. We just needa bring our own cosmetics and they'll teach us the rest. It better be good and something new, because putting on make-up for the past 2 years has gained me a fair amount of experience myself. Hope that I can improve more and since it's titled "Professional Personal Make-Up", I can now help other people apply make-up and CHARGE THEM! AHAHAHA!

I do need money, sooooo broke! I noticed hair salons and other make-up application prices, they ranged from $RM50-180 leh! The cheapest is from hair salons while the most expensive is MAC.
Wtf, but i'll charge only $RM35 :D I'm sooo nice. It's cheap because i'm just a beginner/amatuer. So the more experience/knowledge I gain about make-up the more expensive it'll be! Wee.

Do do do pick me to be a make-up artist next time! Not those extravagant stage make-up ones.
I wanna get a flexible jobbb...gah.

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