Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nuffnang Rejection

You know I'm in DIRE need of a job right! So I read from Nuffnang's blog that they're hiring!
It stated:

Dear Nuffnangers,

Ever since the early days of Nuffnang, the Nuffnang team has been constantly growing. Next month, our team in Kuala Lumpur will be moving into a much bigger office and a few months after, the team in Singapore too will be moving in to their own spanking new office.

To keep up with our growing workload we are constantly to grow our team and being all bloggers ourselves, we like hiring bloggers.

This week, there are two main positions that we are looking to hire,

Marketing Assistant - To help execute many of our campaigns in Nuffnang and service our clients. (<--- I WANTED THIS ONEE!!)

PHP Programmer - To build new features in Good knowledge in PHP, MySQL and Javascript is required.

If you think you might fit in any of these two positions, please drop us an e-mail with your CV via our Help Desk.


Sooooo I tried my luck. I KNOW I'M ONLY 15 BUT HEY! What did they Bible say? Don't despise youths! I sent a job application ticket, here was how it went:

"Subject: Can I can I?! Date: 28 Jul 2008 06:31 PM Posted by: Zoe Yve Foo

i like totally need a part-time job! I can do anything! I study from 9-4, but after that i'm like, FREE!

Any extra small jobs you've got?
Pleeease. "

So I excitedly waited and waited, I checked my e-mail EV-ER-Y DAY! Till I checked my e-mail yesterday and visited the Junk mail, there was an e-mail sent to me the day before. I was jumping for joy! Till I read the reply:

"Hi Zoe,

Sorry :( Don't have. We need people during office hour, my dearest Emily~~
Robb Chew"

:( I wanted to say, "THEN I'LL QUIT SCHOOL MAN!" But that would of been dumb. LOL. But thanks anyway Wobb :) I was laughing the whinning, like crying out loud... just without the tears. I'm no baby! I just whine sometimes.

But i do hope I can work for them next time! It's like the coolest company I've EVER seen, it's fun and casual... you gotta love your job to do the best at it. No doubt there are times you gotta stay up and finish up some projects or company meetings. Now, I just really wonder how it's like to work for Nuffnang~ It'd be awesomeeeeee....

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