Thursday, July 10, 2008

Model Practice Pt.2

It's my second day to the academy and for those who are interested to join, just look at the 'poster' below. Tell them I introduced you okay! :D
It's in ss24 by the way, in PJ.

This whole set, cost like RM$500 or more. The make-up course is RM$7000.

When i came in, I saw dear Hedy cleaning her face off of horribly white ugly make-up, she just finished learning how to do a clown's make-up. You learn all sorts of style in this course.

The whole thing started again, but it was slightly different.

Oh oh, and one thing I was very pleased with was that they wore a mask to cover their bloody mouth. I get so annoyed when people are doing your hair/make-up and they're breathing on your face. Bloody hell, I needa breathe you know?! And it's not your breath.

This time, they glued artificial lashes on me and plastic jewels.

Totally bling bling! It's so not me.

Wouldn't it be cool if I looked like this in school... with glasses on. Hmm, nah.

Saturday's the day! Where I go to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center where the beauty exhibition will be held. Can't wait!

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