Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Model Practice Pt.1

I was asked to be a replacement model of another girl who's grandfather or grandmother just died and had to go to Hong Kong for the funeral. Of course I accepted! Went for 'practice' today.

Good make-up artiste always visualize their image first.

Professional artiste have all the shades of each color and the materials needed for a perfect finish. I'm planning to go for this course next year! (WOOHOO!)

Waited awhile, and I sat on the high chair and awaited my transformation, I had absolutely no idea how it would turn out.

Tadaa! Pretty neat eh,I need a costume to go along with this rather unusual style

*peace* Rather fairy-like, call me Tinkerhell.

Close up, it was my first time dressed up like this,

I thought, that was it. But nooo, they even had a wig for me. So she tied up my hair with great difficulty.

I didn't understand at first why they had to go through the procedure of putting eyeshadow on her so perfectly when they were gonna cover it all up with synthetic feathers. I guess it shows.

Her name is Hedy, a very sweet gentle girl.

A few further touch-ups before putting on the wig.

Being a model isn't as glamorous as you think (i'm not calling myself one either), but you have to go through the thick make-up (which harmed the condition of my skin) the painful pins on your head and the horrible high-heels. They had like a dozen hair pins on my head to hold the wig which was like 2 pounds.

In the end, I guess it's all worth it (:

Behind these colorful designs are heavy, thick make-up base.

Concealer, cream foundation, liquid foundation, compact powder. I never ever had EVER out that much make-up on my face EVER.

I wish I had hips and a slimmer waist =l

I have to go for another try tomorrow, oh no... my skin! Hope it'll bear.
It took them 3 1/2 hours to do ALL of this, nei mou gao chor!

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