Friday, July 25, 2008

Make-up Classes

Yesterday was my 4th make-up class. So far so good. First lesson sucked though, explanation of school rules and basic make-up stuff from a Chinese-oriented teacher. Ugh!

Anywho, finally... we got to practice what we learnt!
Had to bring a towel, tissues, make-up necessities.

I didn't bring a towel though, I brought a hankerchief! While all the others flashed their mini-towels. Whateverrrrrr~

We learned how to apply foundation THE RIGHT WAY, trim and reshape eyebrows. I was practising how to shave mine. We have to draw out the desired/appropriate shape first. Reeally dark, so there's no mistake.

I look like some weird aunty with over-drawn eyebrows! Hannah looks amazing.

Then we learnt how to apply eyeshadow. Wee, i like mine.

I look much better after trimming my eyebrows and lining my eyes.
But Hannah looks REALLY different with thick make-up.

Later, we left to eat SUPPER! MY friend NEVER went to Murni before! OMG! You're life will never be complete if you've never tasted their food before. So we brought her there. Mom went to park, while both of us searched for vacancies. I wanted to be near the shop, we walked there, and I saw this ALMOST empty table but one Malay dude eating there. I whispered to Hannah: *hey, maybe we could share seats with him!*

Hannah: What?! Nooo! Sit elsewhere...or you sit beside him and i sit with your mom.
Me: NO! She's MY mom. I know! She'll sit beside him *evil happy face*
Hannah: Um,Okay!

I think that's what we said. So i asked him if we could sit with him, and he happily/nicely nodded with a smile. So we sat. Awkwardly.

Till my mom came and she found an empty table and I thanked him and walked over.

She didn't know what to order, since it was her FIRST TIME in MURNI! I ordered a honeydew special and claypot mee. Hannah added, "I'll have uh...chick.. chickenchop."
I thought she didn't hear as she walked away.

So I was shouting. "CHICKEN CHOP! CHICKEN CHOP!!"
"Don't call her chicken chop!" As she slapped my arm. I was confused, LOL.

"Chicken Chop" waitress.

I was merely wanting to have her order heard! Oh well, we all had a nice supper in the end and she loved Murni! Of course~

We went home at 11 something. Not to mention we had school the next day! Rah.

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