Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday! I woke up at 10 in the bloody morning and was supposed to go to my aunt's place for breakfast. Leaving at 11 didn't make it possible so we headed straight for KLCC.

My hair has finally grown longer! Praise the Lord!

A sunny day it was! Thank God again that I applied a tinted moisturizer make-up base consisting of SPF 15 and remembering to bring along my shades.

We awwived. Security didn't check our green tag *phews* I immediately went to my academy's booth. Showed some support and beside us was an optic booth - Optimax.
Checked my eyes and found out my vision is escalating. Oh no!

Left- 700
Right- 275

WTFFFFFFFF. I'm so going for lasik when I'm 18-20! You also shouldn't wear contacts because it ruins the shape of your cornea or iris and thins it. Making you a less possible candidate for eye surgery. I'll be going for eye check-up next month or the following. :)

Went snooping around... cool hair academy!

Then suddenly...
This promoter from a bra booth dragged me and told me all about their "Wonderful Bra" and how it was beneficial to your health and pushed up your boobs to create cleavage.
I was like... "uh..."
She asked me to try it on and further stated that if we bought two we would get one free! I would of bought it if one damn bra didn't cost RM$588!! Shit you! I'd rather go for my tattoo removal.

Anyways, I went inside the fitting room. Before I continue...Guys, could you please close your eyes and scroll down a few times? :) THANKS! I'd appreciate it.


I pondered for a dozen minutes whether I should post this up. Well... this is MY blog after all and it is my semi-personal diary in some way. But... it's also a public blog which everyone could see. I decided to just stick it on and to hell with it.
(agh. Can't they do invisible posts?!) *bulb lights up* I've got an idea!

So this is me wearing their so-called 'WonderFUL bra' (never heard of that one before!) It was soooooososososoooooooooo AWKWARD! That nice lady was so kind to put the bra on for me like she was my mother and stick her hands onto my boobs and arranged/positioned it the bra!!

HELL! That's child abuse! Molestation! Totally.

[picture removed on 2nd March, 2009]

(I know I have a tummy! But if I sucked it in, it would of been so fake as my ribcage would of been noticeable.)

I quickly scrammed after I changed and lurked around the other unexplored areas.
Models of Sense&Style prepping up.

Look behind her! That whole makeup collection! Man, I want that.

Was bored... so I went back to 'my booth' and acted like a customer. NOW WE CAN ALSO PAINT ON OUR CELLPHONES! COOL!

The fashion was getting started and models started walking about.

Front view, I was wayyy at the back.

Side view, those girls are h-a-w-t! I so wanna be skinny like them!

I got bored of it after 10 minutes all they did was walk in circles one by one.
You call this entertainment?! I'll show you entertainment!

Pocahontas! *native Indian's dance*

Corpse Bride! I like! I'll make-up like that... hmm.. where can I find black lipstick? People?!


Scary sia! I thought it was a panda wearing clothes and a hat! Till my mom told me it was Death. Chinese Death. So not cool.

HAAHA! That Death Note god! kjfljanfl-whatever-his-cool-Jap-name-is.
Sick yo!

Kinky blue fairy perhaps :D

I left, taking a peep at other stores. I bought one Magazine for RM$5 and got an old edition free!
It's COSMETIC SURGERY & BEAUTY Because Nobody's Perfect.
All about plastic surgery, the risk, the benefits, stories and scams. Some of them are sickening! I do plan to get surgery if you ask me, but I'll leave that for another time.

Fish spa!

The model for Sunday was her. She looked hideous sans makeup and she's a bloody beauty queen all of a sudden! NO I'M NOT JEALOUS!

Artist Katherine was demonstrating the body art benefits.

She also drew on a colleague's back, hmm... nice! Mine was nicer though :P

They had another fashion show on the other end of the exhibition.

We left at 5P.M... grabbed a meal and went home. Received a lot of goodies! Thanks Mom for buying me the face cream to aid blackhead/pimple/acne and other skin problems to vanish. The original price was $RM102, but they sold it for RM$24.90 here.
WTH?! It just shows that their product really isn't that good but claim high profits.

Sei la nei! How to remove blackheads?!? Anybody?!

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