Saturday, July 12, 2008

International Beauty Expo

I went to KLCC today for being a model for Honey Beeuty(yes it's 'Bee' 'cus that's her name) Academy! I was supposed to be reach there at 10AM but I was half an hour late because my mom didn't know the route very well. Ugh. I was thinking of meeting up Munaks for awhile but he doesn't work on Saturdays :[

Employees of the exhibition dancing and cheering to lift up their spirit. *awkward*

This is our fellow booth! Say hello to E05 :)

Once I came, I changed and it was starting to get cold. So in the end my mom gave me her T-jacket while she wore my shirt. Sweet mom, thanks! Hedy was doing my make-up, and I was starting to doubt her professionalism.

I know you're suppose to do a thorough coverage and to conceal my whole imperfection... but you don't dab my bloody eyes with your puff attempting to powder my lower eyelids. Like seriously, wtf.
Notice that my eyes are red. Hell yeah, who's eyes wouldn't be after concealer, dirt and powder was poked onto by a make-up puff.

Hedy is a nice, sweet girl. But I was rather getting fed-up. After 45 minutes of chit-chatting (which was the amount of time she used for my basic foundation,) I stopped smiling and stood still for her to do my make-up.
Then she went like, "Oh... are you in a bad mood? What happened? Are you alright?"
Yesss... that's very sweet of you but it's a RIDICULOUS question. You want me to move about and laugh and ruin the make-up by smudging your brushwork?

I was absolutely peeved and mood-less by now. No, I wasn't being an impatient bitch.
She took 4 hours to do my entire make-up, FOUR HOURS that I sat on that figging high chair that felt like a stool after that.

Then, it took another half an hour to put the bloody jewels on my face since it was so hard to take out of the plastic paper. I had to help her rip out those damn mini-blingblings. My nails bent and ripped too!

Think of it, 4 and a half hours for this. I didn't rush her since it was her first time actually doing it in public, and I didn't wanna come off mean and bitchy like I was her boss. So i sat still, showing figged-up faces. She apologize, which made me feel bad for feeling so annoyed and moody.

Not to forget, I also have a 2-pound wig to wear. It took another half an hour for my hair. "Chill Zoe... it's finishing soon." was what I kept repeating in my head.

The figging cold air-conditioning wasn't making it any better. I was freezing I tell you. *brrr*

The very extravagant and elegant left side of my face.

The twirly contours of my right.

I hate this part the most... tying up my hair with a RUBBER BAND, pinning a dozen of metallic pins on my head, carrying a darn wig heavier than my brain which strains my neck after 3 hours.

This redefines Hairspray!

Everything was perfect. At first. I felt amazing and confident.

Next I had to cover up my two tattoos on my back shoulders (which I deeply regret. Laser it off, mom!)

I am attending the Body Art course, and that was used to camouflage it. And suddenly a crowd of people gathered to see.

Who painted? The lady herself - Katherine. Which is such an honor! She started all this... she created Asia Colors and opened several branches around the world. Being Taiwanese, of course the 'HQ' is there, one in Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong and uh... two other more countries. She draws with passion and creativity that overflows.

I was SHIVERING because of the coldness, it was like... i don't know... guessing 10 Celsius. I couldn't stop shivering when she was painting on me, it gotten really bad. I looked like a vibrating mannequin!
So she gave me a piece of raisin bread. I didn't eat because I wouldn't wanna have a bloated tummy in a tube!

Beautiful, amazing and awe-spiring! (Click on it if you want a bigger view.)

I no longer had to hide my back on the walls ashamed of my fugly tattoos. But show it off.

This pretty lady is Meg! She looks sooo young, I estimated her age to be 22, to find out it was actually 27! And I'm very proud of Katherine, that she turned out so successful and hope her business will boom.

Thanks for your beautiful work of art, Katherine! Glad you finally found the ambition you loved and worked it out.

This was Hedy's arm painted by Katherine.

Koon Teng having a go to impress a potential customer.

High-heels-hurt. They were the plastic straps, not comfy cotton ones. But i managed to wear them on for 10 hours. Lotsa strangers were taking pictures of me, which I gladly accepted. A few times though, when they wanna snap a photo of my back and I walk away then they start asking me to stop... can't you just ask or something?! I would of stood still!

A girl from another make-up school. In real life, it's way better.

Meg, Koon Teng, Katherine. They flew in from Taiwan, although Koon Teng is Malaysian, he's studying in University.

It was nearing 6PM, I sat for 5 hours, stood for 2. I had a remaining hour... they wouldn't let me walk about to attract people to our booth, I didn't see the sense in that.

Pwetty Meg and I! :D

6.20 P.M... goshh. My neck... was sore, so sore! I was struggling to balance it on my head since it was slanted to the right. These are the unglamorous stuff you have to put through.

Hedy was head-over-heels for this guy! *giggles* When he first came in and she was doing my make-up, she whispered to me,"他很帅哦!" I frowned in disapproval.
He's a cool guy :]

Thank Godddd... at 6.45PM they took out the wig. I was like, "Owh, owh!" each time they took a pin out. My hair wouldn't fall because if the the hairspray, so i stuck my head inside the sink and washed it all away. I was a horrendous mess! I felt hypocritical using tissue papers to dry my hair like a towel. I should of brought my own! agh =/

They dropped me off at Ming Tien in PJ to meet my mom and Uncle Ben. I was bargaining for the make-up course which was at a good deal now. Unfortunately, we don't have the money now. Hopefully next year!

Overall, I had a fun time and it was a good experience. Thanks Deborah for sending me an SMS of support after! Love you!

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