Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Here birdy birdy"

Today I woke up at 12PM, mmhmm! That felt good, and while I was walking around talking to my mom about my plans about going out to The Pyramid for karaoke she said there was a bird under the chair. Tze bent low and saw it. So we pulled the chair to uncover it. It flew away, I was smart enough to close the window of our balcony first.

It took us about 10 minutes to catch, it was so scared. Well, my mom being a scout leader before caught it. I was like, "WHOA MOM! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! But i'm not surprised since you were a scout leader in Canada after all."

Mom replied, " You have to talk to the bird."
"Hi bird!" I said. Howe laughed but Mom was saying I had to say it in my head.
As in telepathy?! Right.
"Birds don't read minds, Mom." Tze said stupendously.

Anywho, I kept petting the bird, it was so adorable. I whined like a little girl:
"Can we keep it, Mom?! Can We?!?"
Mom: No.

I took this photo of Tze, look how nice he is. I'm such an AWESOME photographer, this is the only photo that I think he ever looked good in!

Hey! I just realized he shaved his mustache, you look a billion times better bro.
I told you to shave it a bloody 3 years ago, moron.

Petted it, attempted to feed it with a grain of rice (mother's idea), it wouldn't eat. So we left it to rest on our pot.

Aww! If I kept it, i would of named it...
Emily! HAHAH, I'm like naming all of my pets Emily.

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