Sunday, July 27, 2008

Growing up

I hate growing up. I don't want to mature. I just want to be a cute innocent baby forever. I wonder how we all change. I see a lot kids in Malaysia hanging around shopping malls everyday. Wasting their time and money, thinking they're so cool and gangsta, when in fact, they're just pathetic losers who can do so much more. I was once like that.

Loitered in Cause Way Point for one whole year. It was like so cool last time, with your group of friends meeting their everyday. And you'll ALWAYS see your friends there and hang out at night doing shit. It was allllll wasted. Thank God mine isn't as bad as some people. They experienced a lot worse than me, they took drugs and fights and worst of all, they don't realize and change.

I hope youngsters won't waste their youth anymore, or think those people are 'in' and "awesome". They just wanna fit in with them. I'm not proud of my past but I'd say i'm glad it's over and that I'm living a new life.


Back then, I'd come over to Malaysia every two years to visit my relatives. After first being in Malaysia when I was only a few months old, I came back when I was 5.

Guess which one is me (:

I'm the 2nd shortest. Tze is the 2nd tallest, while all the others are my cousins. Some are in Austrailia (the angmohs) while the rest remains in Seramban, which was where we were when we took that picture in 1998.

~ ~

3 years later, I came back for good. I was 8 years old and attended Foon Yew No.3 in JB while I was living in Kolam Air in a big house. My family has a lot of history which I am proud of. I might tell you later or next time.

I hated that school. It caned me, CANED me. My parents dare not even touch me and you Malaysian Chinese fools dare hit me. JUST because I didn't bring color pencils which I couldn't understand when you asked us to bring it in Mandarin the day before. If they did that to me now, I'd grab the stick and swing it on their head.

Sooo... I transferred to Fuchun Primary School when I was 9. A lot of people talked to/about me, since I was foreign student and all. I hated the fact that they thought I was rich and spoilt when honestly I was friendly and medium-class. I soon attended City Harvest, I was always,always the youngest in the Cell Group. It matured me a bit and I always made a fool of myself.

This was 2005, for Sherling's wedding, LOOK AT ME! HAHAHA! Nerdy, eh?
I had horrible fashion sense...I WAS ONLY 12!

I can even remember all their names! Limme list them out for you.
Left to right (Guess yourself 'cuz it's gonna be messy):
Sylvia Tan, Cindy, Charlotte, Hester, Jace, Lisha, Zoe, Ryan, Sis Monica, Karen, Jing Yi, Lee Hong, Zi yun/ Kathy, Zheng Xuan, Howe and Jonathan Lim!

January 1,2006, we E145 members hung out at Cause Way Point, and watched Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Wished each other a Happy New Year in the midst of the movie. I remembered being extremely annoyed by Jacqueline, she kept talking and asking questions in the movie. Hah, two years ago.

Sadly, quite a number of them have backslided. Referring to the wedding photo, 10 out of 16 of us have left church. Some due to relationships, and while the others weren't firmly rooted in God's word, laziness, pride or doubts. I wish they'd come back and have a E145 reunion once and for all.

Last year, I moved up to Subang Jaya ( but I say Kuala Lumpur to my Singapore friends because they don't know the other areas of Malaysia besides Johor Bahru.), I attended City Harvest K.L, and was in the cell group W19. Faith being a very warm-and-friendly cell leader made me feel welcomed there when I was still insecured about my transition, feeling out of place like a fish out of water.

I adapted and I befriended people, K.L isn't as bad as a lot of Johorians think it is. ALL of my school-mates in the JB AOP center told me K.L is so corrupted, that I'll become a socialite going clubbing all the time and mix with the wrong people. Everyday(after some freaking big-mouth was eavesdropping on my conversation with the principal telling her of my departure to K.L) my school-mates come up to me persuading me not to go. I couldn't be bothered since I was miserable with my dad and I hated that crappy center filled with #r$e%t^a@r&d*s$.

Here is one of the most recent pictures of me with my church fellows. It was 2 months aback where we were playing The Amazing Race at Sunway Pyramid.

And this is MY team - The Fantastic 4!

Tze, Issey, Wennie, Yee See, Hansum, Daniel, Zoe and Sze Ying!

I've really grown so much and look better each time! It's been an exciting and tiring life but I'm having an adventure. I'd like to say to those in JB that I became a socialite, going for parties all the time by Nuffnang(<3)!

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