Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good luck!

Bad things, bad things.

Gabriel, Joshua and Jonathan are in NS now! I messaged two of them and it doesn't seem good at all. One's been getting into fights, the other is sick while telling me the condition sucks. Dirty and all, GAH! Malaysia has got to seriously improve their 'military training' or else the death of fellow Malaysians will continue to rise. Why the hell would GIRLS need to join National Service for?! Getting raped and brutalized, you might as well teach them first aid for better use during a war!

I find it incredibly ridiculous and hope for better improvements. It sounds like nothing, 3 months compared to two years in Singapore? At least it's much safer there and hygienic.

Boo. Honestly speaking, i don't miss them. HAHAAH. BUT! I am worried for them... getting bullied by mean Malays or catching a cold. I feel like their mother, gosh. I do really miss Corynn though! She's in Minnesota having an awesome life i suppose and a lovely house with a garden in the backyard? She was really the only comfortable sticky friend i ever had. We'd go almost everywhere together, and i liked her company while she'd get extremely annoyed with me at times.
Calling me SELF-ABSORBED. *ahem*

Well, it really is different without you around and I just wanna tell you...
I finally got outta that hell class! YEAH! and do visit me! :D Put some snow in a jar when it's winter and send it over to me. I love you.

I do wish all of you good luck! "NS is when boys become men."
But i doubt that'd be the case for Jon Siew *sigh*

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