Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Free movie premiere of Hancock

Just came back from the free movie premiere of 'Hancock'! :D
Thanks to Nuffnang and Wobb that I could go, wee.
Ren P.D picked me up with Suling, and thank God the jam wasn't that bad. We reached The Curve at 9.10PM and I SMS-ed Kate since I didn't see her for SO LONG!

Ren's headphones are uber comfy!

He also brought a mask, Vendetta's mask!

We loitered at the cinema and did some photo-taking.

(I don't have the other group pictures :[)

The movie was pretty funny and rather different from other super hero stories which are totally cliche. The whole theater was filled with over 150 people and I believe about 9/10 of them were Nuffnangers. I never seen a movie theater so packed before!
(Of course, for FREE mah.)

There was a little freebies after, Robb asked," What's my blog URL?"
And I raised my voice a little,"robbyaoiii!"
LOL. I got a similar Hancock hat and a towel.

(It's actually www.robbyaoi.blogspot.com ;)

Ren's with Hancock who HEARTS Nuffnang :D

Karena, Ren and I.

A strange but profound photo, I likey!

Suling darling and I met John for the first time!

Yay! Saw Kate and I asked about her BF, "Oh! So he's Hikamaru?!" (His nickname was actually Hikaru, if i'm not wrong... from the Japanese singer Utada Hikaru.) LOL, my bad =#
Candid shot.

Kate, me, Suling and Ren.

Thanks Suling dear for being such an awesome sister ever!

Hancock is grouchy. *grr*

We went out to chill somewhere nearby, Teh Tarik which was somewhere inside the dozens of restaurants. It was rather boring to me so I cam-whored.

(I weally weally do heart Nuffnang!)

Thank you Ren, for borrowing me your headphone to listen to some jazz, it was awesome and helped me pass the time.

Suling Chee, Zoe Foo, Kenny Choo, Karena, Lih Ren, Sean, Andrew

We're all one happy community!

The wall had a nice design on it.

We left at about 12, and in the car park there was something... something following us.

It was Zendetta! (Look at Suling's expression! LMaO!)

I loved it, the people and the time together... let's go out more often!
(After I get more allowance T.T)

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