Saturday, July 19, 2008

Emo Era

When I just came back from Times Square today, finished eating durian and boiled lettuce for dinner, I decided to do something I've been yearning for since Thursday.
Black lipstick!

I used my body art paint. I first lined my eyes, then colored my lips. Did some flower-painting practice on my arm.

It was about 8 o'clock when I started all this. Reeeally wanted to hug someone. Be it a boy or girl. I didn't hug someone tight and passionately for a long time.
"Teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got."

I brought Imaginarie in the emo fun too! Emo everybody!

I haven't cried for a long time.

So I drew "artificial emo tears".

I know it looks so fake! But hey, it was fun for the first time being 'emo'.

We need somebody to save us from this emo era, we need...


Too bad she's emo too!


I've just been told. Like 2 hours ago, 11 P.M or something. I should of gone to church than attend the STUPID make-up workshop. It's so shocking. Yet I kinda anticipated it. The intuition of like it's-probable-but-won't feeling?

I'm totally over the shock already. It now more of the amazement, like 'Wow! What on earth happened?!' sorta thing. You wonder what must of been so pain-staking that they had to take their own life. I thought and thought and regretted too. While I was still shocked, I blamed myself. For not being nicer to him, for always being mean and obnoxious. Maybe if I chatted more deeply with him, if I didn't purposely ignore/avoid him when I saw him. I could of cheered him up, made his day, brightened his life, CALLED him up.

It's kinda sad to lose a friend you weren't really close with, but hung out after Cell Group and church. Talked a bit... to me honestly, he was a boring man. I was down right irritated that he talked monotonely and lectured me once about about finding everything boring and stupid. I simply didn't enjoy his company, but regarded him as a friend and a dear brother of course.

Now, I'm mad! I feel like choking Satan and make him pay for all the pain he's caused. It's just such an unfortunate thing. Even though another guy in SG died almost two months ago because of an accident, it isn't as big of a shock as this.

I hope both families would carry on and learn from this. I hope all of us learn to appreciate the people around us, and love the unloved ones. I'm gonna try my best to just be considerate... thoughtful and more wise about my words and actions.

Please, God?

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