Friday, July 18, 2008


I've had a lot of ambitions when I was much younger. Believe me, A LOT. At least I thought so. I told my mom I wanted to learn ballet when I was 6, she told me to ask around for classes myself. I had the enthusiasm and curiosity for so many things back then and now I can't understand why my mom didn't take the opportunity to have taught me so many skills. Sometimes I do blame her. Why didn't she teach at least one friggin instrument like all the other parents? I had to personally insist on getting drum lessons then she'll say," Yah,good." When I ask her why she doesn't bother doing anything for me, she says," Well, if you're interested you should do it yourself what."

I could of been a ballerina by now!

Possibly a pianist, dancer or something.

What is my dream now? Besides becoming a professional drummer, it is also to date Elmo!

I looooooooooooooooooooovveee Elmoooooo!

I was taken aback by this poster when it reminded me pictures of Jesus with the caption: Jesus loves you.
Well,Elmo loves you too! So do I!

I'm now gonna give a list of ambitions of what I wanna do. Hopefully, a decade later,I'll remember to post an entry of what I have accomplished. Which would mean I'd be 25. Hmm! Sounds like a good idea to me! Most of it will be short-term goals for my suggested age. Okay, here it goes.

16: Study real hard and jump and exercise to grow taller.

17: Graduate,enter college. Psychology/Mass Communication course.

18: Complete/enter beauty courses. Start saving money. Get the chance to back to Canada after a decade of living in this wretched wonderful country.

19: Get a part-time flexible job, start dieting and give old clothes to charity.

20: Graduate, relax and enjoy my youth awhile, get a job/ go back to Canada to work if possible. Get a boyfriend?(Almost forgot about this one!)

21: Lose enough weight and get a nose job, widen eyes and practice modelling! Or continue to work :(

22: Attend acting/singing classes in L.A and become a hollywood celebrity! wee! OR buy back my apartment in Canada.

I don't know anymore. Nothing's certain or realistic. I do hope it'll happen! I really do. Elmo help me.

I mean Jesus.
Bless me!

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