Saturday, July 26, 2008

A day with Terry

A couple of hours ago I hung out with Terry - my cousin. It's 3AM now... so like i'm real moody. I chipped off my teeth because it collided with my tongue stud while I was munching happily on a carrot. It was awful, no... it didn't hurt. But hell my PRETTY, beautiful, naturally-straight teeth is flawed now by one chipped tooth!

I can't tell Mama either 'cus she'll be nagging, "SEE! I told you!(which she didn't) Don't pierce your body, don't tattoo... ruin a beautiful body. Now we need SPEND more MONEY to do filling and all that! Zoe! Why do you like wasting money on this? Why do this kind of stuff? Why?................."

Then i'll be sulking and annoyed and sad that firstly, she isn't really helping the situation. Secondly, she isn't comforting me and thirdly, I'd be feeling so stupid for doing that and telling her at the same time.

Stupid. Stupid. I pierced my tongue THREE times for this shit and it didn't do me no good at all. rahaghgrgilaokeiopslfo!!! I unscrewed the stud and both of the barbells came off. But the stick remained inside, so I'll just leave it there till it affects me or i swallow it and let it close FOREVERRRRRRRR.

Something that I sacrificed and bore for 3 times and the pain and swelling. Fcuk you metallic tongue stud! CAN'T YOU BE RUBBER OR SOMETHING?! I need a part-time job, PLEASE PEOPLE. LIKE HELP ME OR SOMETHING! I wish readers could of been more aiding or productive or influential in the blogger's life at times. My tooth. Horribly unevenly chipped. I tried to file it with my nails. I only scrapped calcium. I'm drinking milk now. Feeling dumb and down.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaahooooek. Any nice dentists around?!:D I'll advertise for you like a whole month! *wimpers* I'm so pathetic. I feel really low now. Moody, low, stupid... just really down. I need a blessing from God. Or some pill inducing tooth growth.

I just hope I won't get cavities on that tooth and God protect it!

I'll sadly continue with today's entry. Terry - my hot and handsome cousin picked me up today at 1. Then went to Kota Damansara to pick up his other cousin whose name is Eugene/Zhee Mind Tai, which makes him my distant cousin. But I call him cousin cousin (my cousin's cousin,get it?).

Went to One Utama and it was crowded because Daughtry(whatever the spelling 'cus i'm moody about my tooth) was coming. LG's campaign!

Must ache to be standing on one spot with high-heels on for hours holding a phone with a poised pose.

We ate at SushiGroove, a new Japanese-Western fusion restaurant. Food was pretty good except for their expired mayonaise sushi topping which tasted horribly sour. Terry paid, aww! *hugs*

We went to GSC to get a ticket, I had a Buy-2-get-1-free voucher. Just nice! The 3 of us, Eugene's a 14 year old kid who's so funny and cute and smart. He managed to cut the queue! What the heck. The incident happened like this:

me:Gosh, such a long queue. (Full queue, about 50 people lining up.)
Eug: I can cut the queue!!! *jumps excitedly.
Terry: Okay. If you get caught and get beaten up, I don't know you.
me: *thinks of him being embarrassed when caught and grins* Go for it Eugene!

-Terry thinks for awhile and hands him the money while I give him the voucher-

But we still queued up in case our plan failed and didn't want to waste time. Suddenly he disappeared and 10 minuted later Terry saw him at the counter buying our movie tickets. Amazing! We got outta the queue and I pat his head like a son! Oh well, at least I didn't have to stand for long. We had an hour to spare so we played foosball and pool then House Of The Dead 4.

The Journey to The Center of The Earth was okay. Nothing impresses me now. (I'm emo remember.) I just want a tooth replacement and know I shouldn't be mixing it into the post. Who cares, i'm emo.

Terry wanted a new wallet. We went to Braun Buffel. I was like *whoa!* branded shop! Then I sat down and examine the couch. The fur felt synthetic and fake but it looked so real. With the furline and realitic black patches (rather than round circles of all sizes everywhere) I was convinced it was real. I asked the sales lady and she confirmed it was. I was shocked, "omgosh. That's so cruel!"
"I"m sitting on a cow. Moo." Eugene said dumbly.
"No. You're sitting on cow skin -.-"
"What if inside all the meat inside? I can feel his intestine." *pokes the couch*
"It's a couch or a sofa with the cow's skin as a sheet/cover." I explained.
"I'm sitting on a cow."

-.- That cousin cousin of mine.

To think of it. My teeth has everything to do with this! I need cows to produce more calcium in milk for my tooth to grow back! GRrrrrroooooooowwWWw!!

They ran outta stock the design my cousin liked. They called me later when we were at Starbuck's to say they received the new stocks. I told my cousin not to buy it, "Don't buy the wallet. It's leather! REAL leather. Go buy the synthetic ones or something." Terry said, "Okay, I won't. If you promise me something..."
"NOOOO!!!!!" I overreacted and shouted. It was rude of me to (Sorry!). I thought he was gonna make me promise not to try drugs. When in fact he just wanted me to study hard.

Dammit. We made an agreement. I will study hard for my SATs, while he will never ever buy any leather products; leather wallets, bags, shoes, belts. NOTHING!
I hope you keep your promise because whenever I feel lazy and wanna slack. I'll remember you Terry and make myself study a little bit more.

I love you Terry cousin! Thanks for everything. I didn't think/want you would/to pay for everything today. I kept quiet and didn't thank you because I was shy,awkward and embarrassed. I'm not used to guys paying for me, because I'm not dependent on others. I hope you'll do fine in Austrailia. An advance birthday greeting for yours in 3 days! I'll try to get you a nice present!

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