Friday, July 18, 2008

Body Paint Workshop

I skipped school today (yay!) for a body art workshop. It wasn't fruitful in the end =l Anywho, reached there by 10.20AM, was late because I had to pick up my very important brush that I lent.

I walked in awkwardly in the midst of a presentation, she was telling me that people's mindset about art is to suffer for it.
I.e: A man gave up his education to learn/paint art and sloughs day and night to draw something creative and sell it off. Usually poor but stays true to his passion.
But she says: Art is business.

OF COURSE, paying thousands just to learn this must be ludicrous. It shows that we can be paid for our passion, same goes for blogging! :D

Here she is, demonstrating the brushwork etc.

A new product, all the same colors in a bottle (with an extra ingredient)allows us to draw the same fanciful images on our skin on CLOTHES!

It won't wash away even after dumping it into the washing machine.

Even the glitter stays on!

Products they were selling, also, their nail polish won't harm your nails either!
From what they say, it's not as harsh as the other brands and dries very quickly.

You can also paint on ceramics, glass, wood, plastic,etc. And give them as a gift to friends, one of a kind.

Valentine's day or Christmas cards... paper might be slightly more tricky since it absorbs water, nevertheless, drawing beautiful pictures on cards to give to your loved ones during the holidays is a very thoughful gift.

Catherine Chou also worked with Estee Lauder's new lipstick line and intricately designed lips with the color of their product.

Jolin also asked them to create her nail art designs. Whoa~ I find them ugly though =#

Other nail designs. I wonder how acrylic nails feel like. Troublesome.

I got annoyed around this time. 1330, after our lunch and all the people who took the 3-day course were gonna have their examinations. They need a MODEL, some bloody people from Brunei didn't have one. So my mom and I was needed. I didn't get to attend CATHERINE'S workshop! BLOODY HELL! She's the teacher and master of all of this, and I had to miss her rare workshops because of these mofos. If I weren't there, then how are you guys gonna do the exam? #$%^&*(&^%$#(#&

Buttttttt, I guess I should be "glad" I helped TWO people. I was split in half.
The one on my left did a pretty good job.

While the one on my right? Sucked. Look at my arm now... don't wander elsewhere.

The woman in the picture above (the one who did the left arm) did this!

The righty one did this. Thanks for covering my ugly tattoo :)

This was another girl's back, CHIO LOR! Except for her skin =/

Catherine was teaching us how to do geometrical designs. What guys/Jolin like to put on their body as tattoos.

Pardon my face, I only slapped on some light compact powder and mascara.

I prefer the lefty! That's dirt on the mirror, NOT MY FACE.


Catherine Chou and I, wee!

Dear Meggy and I!

Sad. They're leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow :( I like them. A lot.

They were giving a special promotion for their body art paint. 3 for RM$100!
Expensive? Yes, but the usual price is one for RM$90. So it is counted as a very VERY good offer.

I bought one set, two white and one gold. White is the most used of all the colors.
Versatile... lighten/brighten/modifies color.
This other RICH lady that drew on my mom bought 15 sets! That equals to RM$1500!

IT'S SO WORTH IT! Wish Mom could have given me 1000 to buy a set of all the colors.
Why? The briefcase below cost RM1748, with only a package of each color. The brushes cost RM$400. CeeeeBeeee!!

Went home... had dinner...watched T.V. I was infuriated that I didn't get to practice my body art skills. So I did!

Haven't painted for 1 month! It didn't turn out so well... nor bad either.

Good day to you too!

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