Friday, July 25, 2008

5th Make-up Class

It's SUPPOSED to be our last make-up class, but due to their irregular, unorganized management we need an extra class to catch up on the rest.

It was much more quick since I've already learned the proper way so I did the basics all by myself! *proud* It's looks so much more natural and professional and well blended together. But how to do it?

Get a blender brush! This coveted little brush I bought for RM$28. It is VERY reasonable considering the fact that this cost RM$45 in The Body Shop in a smaller version. Rip-off!

My lipstick was too red though, I need a maroonish/orangy color. I like those dull, dry type. I think it suits me. It makes me look soooooo mature though!

Overall, I felt amazing. I thought I looked GORGEOUS honestly, something I haven't felt in a long time. It got me to question, what is a woman's true beauty?
Their real face sans make-up, or with it?

What is beauty?

I don't enjoy putting make-up frequently knowing that once I over-use it, i'll need it. Like celebrities... they look beautiful, perfect and flawless. What about when they remove all that powder off their face? Will they still be idolized?

I just need a little enlightenment here.

I think anyone can be beautiful by correcting their physical flaws with make-up, if that can't salvage you, THEN you really need plastic surgery.

Do I? =/ Or should i be content with myself?

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