Saturday, June 21, 2008


*purrs* Know where I am? I'm at Medesto! Blogging live about the WILD!

KingKong! Andrew's a gorilla.

AND MIKE YIP, i wil kill you next time. He.. he.. NEVERMIND, just know that I - the cheetah - ain't no perv nor ape and leopard will ever mate.

Darling Suling! Thanks for the photos babe. She's dressed as a homo sapien :O

Kenny kenny, has two adorable puppets with a button saying " I (heart) Nuffnang"!

I really DO love Nuffnang! Nuffnang rocks the jungle wild.

Ren P.Daddy!

What was funny was that I saw Ringo standing by the bar and she smiled at me. I found her familiar and just a really pretty girl. Till i saw her name tag - Ringo!
We chatted and stuff, suddenly the News Strait Times photographer approached us and asked if they could take our photo. I just found out that she was Chinese by her surname. I always thought she was Malay -.-

Steph the sexy butterfly.


My puny Cheetah ears can never be compared to her humongous wabbit-morphed freaky ears.

Princess Lady Jane!

Oh were there animals chillin' at Modesto.

Kingkong, Jumbo and... Bambam?
Even Osama has elephants working for him.

This party is courtesy of Maxis broadband which is great! It ain't slow but steady. Took pictures with Kenny Sia and Hanis. I'll update more later, blogging LIVE at Modesto.

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