Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This was taken yesterday, her name's Chillie! At first I heard 'Cheddie', so I was like wth, same name as Ringo's dog. It's such a fat, cute dog. I really want one now.
A not-so-active one, but if i have one, it'd give me an extra reason to exercise.

It was after school by the way, so don't mind the nerdy goody me!

The chocolate mousse made the other night is still yummy after 2 days.

I'm sorry, i'm just reeeally bored now since i can't upload the bucket loads of pictures of my school's field trip last month. *sad*

I need something to cheer me up. I've been rather moody/upset recently. Some people can be such bitches nowadays. *grumbles*

Hey! Is that Tze? I think it is and oh, I see something.

Something very familiar on Disney.

Yay, i'm happy now. Bye!

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