Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

I love 'Sunday Morning' by Maroon 5! It so feels like Sunday, when it was actually Saturday all along. That's outta topic anyway.

I woke up at 8.45AM, when I slept only 2 hours before. Hell yeah I was DEAD tired.
Anyhow, I arrived at my grand aunt's place (Grandma's sister) to chit-chat and had lunch over there. My favorite! Ham Cha! Translated into English meaning salty tea/ salt tea.

It's basically a Hakka dish, the green soup is made up of tea leaves and salt, while mainly it's just a mixture of veggies.

Adding a pinch of sesame seeds/ peanuts for some crunch and preserved something for flavor. I LOVE ham cha!

After that, I was telling uncle Teck Wai that I find no difference in Hakka/Teo Chew/Hokkien. It's all the same damn thing to me. Lol, someone care to explain?

Grandaunt was picking on me again, she always does. EVERYONE DOES! Hate this world! *emo*
So I went upstairs to watch some cartoons on Astro, thank God... Sponge Bob Square Pants was ON! I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM IN YEARS! Cute cuzzie Jia Zheng watched with me.
Weirdly, when i kept snapping shots, he'd start facing me to kiss me! Aww~

At 2, i rushed off for Japanese class. Lessons are every fortnight, at...

it's like FIVE minutes or less away from my church DUDE!

My mom picked me up and I dropped Mei Ling off, thank God for Issey that I was able to attend church. Mommy actually refused to drive me to church because of the gasoline price hike, WTFACK?!

I hurriedly changed and made up since I only had 45 minutes.

Issey arrived at 5P.M, thanks man! I feel bad though, now you have to pay for the petrol. But I know that God blesses! So... God bless you Issey! I pray that your gas multiplies a hundred-fold in your tank :D Amen?

(His cheeks are so CUTE! They pop out like squirrels keeping nuts in their cheek bag.) Okay, that was a BAD example.

I have a new friend, I no longer need Imaginary to talk to/encourage by. Mom stopped using this after a while, so i took it to better use.
Know what it is?

It's a counter! Mommy bought it in Canada when she was in this Buddhist center, it was used to count how many times you've repeated the mantra "Amitabha (or whichever Buddha you're praying to)". The traditional monks uses a bracelet fully composed of beads and use their thumbs to 'rotate' it bead by bead. What a bore.

I - the optimistic genius - have decided to use this counter for a greater cause.
POSITIVE THINKING! Each time I say something positive, i click on it.
"I am beautiful." *click*
"I am smart." *click*
"I will be pimple-free and have amazing skin." *click click*

I think you get it by now.
Positive thoughts = positive words = positive being = positive influence = positive surroundings! Which ultimately leads to a positive atmosphere/aura wherever you go!

Come on guys! Repeat after me. " wishing. For.."
No, no, no. that isn't positive, it's only imaginative.

Say whatever you want :D
"I will become a jumper, have super powers and morph into a rabbit." *clicksss*

Words ARE powerful! The guy who made up "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is STUPID. 'cus words are the most powerful thing a person can make. Life and death IS in the power of your tongue, so i'm trying to learn to choose my words wisely now.

You encourage, hurt, articulate, manipulate by everything that you say.
So i'm praying to God that this thing will work!

I wanted to remove that mantra sticker, but it's my mom's! It wouldn't be nice.
I wanted to stick, "What Would Jesus Say?" Darn!
Aiming for 50 positive comments daily, I'll bring it everywhere with me!
Hallelujah. (*click*)

I sure need ideas on where to put all my 30 beloved stuffed toys/animals!
It's hogging my bed! HELPPP~

Haven't slept in it for months except the night my friend came over. Gah!
I ought to catch some sleep now. 2 hours for one night is CRAZY! 2AM already?!

Good night guys, I'll be doing my home work for the whole day tomorrow/later.
"My skin will rejuvenate itself beautifully" *click*

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