Friday, June 27, 2008

School Rocks... not!

Two different days in one! Saves me the trouble. First up is Sport's Day!
Which was last Saturday - 21st.

Joshuana, Jon and Nicolette followed me, nevertheless Marielle stayed over for this purpose. Vainest photo of the day! It was like 7.30?
We woke up at 6.30 for frack's sake.

Wanna know what I was annoyed about? Sure you do! MY NAILS! YES!
I had them long, for two weeks or so... kept since the June holidays.
But for the netball game, i was worried I might play so i cut them. I CUT THEM!!!
IN THE END I DIDN'T PLAY! AT ALL! I wouldn't be upset if i left them there. Alone. Perfectly nice. And long...long.

The sun was blaring, thank God I put some SPF on my face and remembered to bring my sunglasses. I'd be totally blind if i didn't.
Esther Teo was there! Yay!

We were in Shah Alam's Sports Complex, it's pwetty nice.
And that purple painted shirt is my school's P.E shirt. Cost us 15 bucks :O

USJ VS. Calvary, we won! yay!

The netball team! Sadly, we lost to PJ, but it was good work! We made it to the finals and received a silver medal.

I was FORCED to buy this bloody school coupon worth $20. I find that wrong, i can totally write a whole post complaining about this. "No! You must support the school... you HAVE to buy one at least."
I was like CB lor, why the hell would i support the school when it's already sucking so much money. Was gonna fight it out with Tch Jon at all cost till someone nicely said i should, so i let it go. Forcing students to "support" the school is shit. Sucks ;[

I was SUPPOSED to do body art, in the end Esther kept saying it was for FREE! RAH!
Andddd they didn't really prepare my booth so I just painted my the stairs and earned a bloody dollar, hallelujah!

Yesterday was Home School Rock Competition. And yes, I'm home-schooled! But not quite exactly. It's a talent competition of singing and dancing, like Talentime with several home-school centers.
It started out ironically, Kota Kemuning came first... then a few PJ students came up to see how we studied like. There was this Chinese dude saying, "Oh, nice place...etc." Tch Deb asked him to come in, but he replied, "No thanks, it'd make me wanna study again." and he had some bloody British accent. After he left, i was trying to impersonate him 'cus of his amusing statement and all. He looked Korean to Tch Deb which I kinda disagreed. Oh well.

Carrying on, the audience wasn't very supportive. Only a few groups patched around would shout and cheer.

The very simple dance group. My cell's camera is DEGRADING! why?!

Monkey tees! I remember buying mine nearby Ikea in Singapore with Hester for $s12, which I now find to be a total rip-off knowing i could of bought a much nicer tee with that money.

Our nursery which I just found is named 'Horizon' children are dancing!
It was very amusing and probably the most entertaining besides Timothy and Crystal's duet performance there to me.

Meaner, mean, meanest! Stop that "I am... wishing" phrase!

or I'll be emo for the rest of the day listening to my Ipod while eying my shoes.

That's it, overall, I wished I stayed at home for both of the events. I tried my best to cheer, which I think I did very well although it was iwitating. It's tiring anyway, I guess I won't next time. I'll just sit there, quietly. If i ever do attend one again. (:

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