Saturday, June 14, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Pt. 2

On my mother's birthday the 9th of June, I skipped half a day of school just to go back to the academy to be a guinea pig of the students.

My mom asked me to come since i would also be taking the same exam and this would somehow prepare me. Well, Happy belated birthday Mom!

I was actually being the "model" for them to paint on.
She did a beautiful job, didn't she?

This was hot.
That girl is so cutee!
Hi Mommy.
You look lovely, Mom!
While for manicures, they were amazingly easy! With our special brush tools of course.

The sun-setting beach with a coconut tree!
Leopard and tiger spots/patterns.
Congratulations! Everyone passed their examinations and received an official certificate.
They are qualified to be professional body art designers.
We head off to One Utama to catch a movie, but canceled it in the end since i had school the next day. We split the cost for my mom's dinner at Yoshinoya.
Went to a pet shop later, saw two adorable rabbits! only RM$48 each i think.
Nerdy I am, a geek i'm not.
Once we put it back to the cage, it started humping the other rabbit.
Friggin horny! And that guinea pig had live porn! Awesome!
I hope the white wabbit never violated that poor guinea.
Howe and I were LOAO, they were vibrating! We wanted to buy a crab as a pet, but it didn't seem so fun after all. It's kinda cheap though $5 each?

This is my second post to Wild 'Live' Blogging! FTW!

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