Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Here I am gonna try to get to go for the private screening of Hancock initiated by Nuffnang.

The story is about a superhuman who saves the people in L.A but isn't as cliche of the other superheroes. Where the people go," Oh my god! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" and the government recognizes and awards to. It's cold, harsh REALITY!

My choice of superhero to be featured is...

none other than CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!

Why do i absolutely love him? He's cute and adorable where did he come from? It's a children's book drawn by David Pilkey who the two of the main characters George Beard and Harold Hutchins, accidentally hypnotized their principal, Mr. Benny Krupp. So when he hears snapping fingers he turns into Captain Underpants. Only when a splashed with water he'll turn back to antagonistic, kid-hating Mr.Krupp.

I think that if that were to really happen in real life, he would be accused of being obscene since all he's wearing is an underwear and a cape. Influencing children that nudity is heroic and cool.

He'll either be charged and spend some time in jail, or ordered to put more clothes on. Children would definitely love him, but their parents would slap Captain Underpants in the face for trying to sexually assault their children when he was trying to save them.

But what about Turbo Toilet 2000 battlement!? If it weren't for him, our asses would of been eaten up and ruled by fellow talking toilets! If he were to get charged, I'd personally learn how to sew and make a cool superhero attire for him so he could continue to save the world!

Thank God for Captain Underpants, he's our hero! *snaps fingers*
Boxers ain't cool no more, mate.

I'm gonna buy all the series! Can't believe i stopped reading it 5 years ago.
I LOVE YOU CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! And i can't wait to watch Hancock! (HOPEFULLY!)

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