Friday, June 06, 2008

My Week In Singapore

Over a week ago on the 28th of May,I left Kuala Lumpur to go to Johor Bahru.
I had everything planned, but nothing went according to it. Frustrating, but it was still worth it.
Meeting all my beloved friends (:

And this is my journey.

I was on the bus, haven't worn this in 5 years!
I fell asleep after 10 minutes, but was woken up for a break in some stranded place for bus/car resting. There was a food court and i headed to the toilet, i didn't pee though.

I have learned from experience to never drink fluid when going onto a 4-hour bus ride *smiles*

I brought my home work along, but i couldn't write properly to the vibration of the engine, and the uneven roads made it much harder.
So after answering one section (pathetic i know), i went on to daydream. Looking out of the window, it was raining. I found the raindrops pretty and attempted to count them like a retard.
I fell asleep again soon after.
I woke up when we were passing Bukit Mewah, I called grandma then. We met up at Larkin, she was still the usual lovely cum naggy grandmother! Went to her place and changed immediately into my pyjamas (her's actually, but she tailored it for me! *Aww*).

Oh yeah, we bought Dunkin' Donuts when we were leaving Larkin, i told her that i haven't eaten the whole day and asked if she cooked lunch, it was already 4P.M! Haa!
I called to meet up with Spongebob and Patrick. So i said i wanted to go to the gym three times and sun tan twice. So I packed my "mini-luggage" which was actually my make-up bag and hit-off to Singapore! I have A LOT of things to complain about the Singapore Checkpoint but i'm not gonna let it ruin my mood now :D

I unexpectedly met Siying who was with Sharon and Xiao Jacky, WHO ARE AN ITEM NOW!
CONGRATULATIONNNSSS! Hahha, although Sharon accused me of being shy in front of Jacky, i wasn't! It was just kinda *ahem* awkward? Jacky had to go back to the Boys' Home so they accompanied him and I went to meet the Bikini Bottoms' family myself.

I DIDN'T KNOW WOODLANDS HAD A NEW GYM. Oh well, we exercised and ate at the coffee shop near Marsiling Secondary and walked to Sje Ting's home.

I think you all know by now that i HEARTS masks?! So i tried this Bioglo black charcoal mask.
I thought it was cool 'cus i can act like some soldier camouflaging.
I look like a girl who's just got outta burning furnace.
But afterwards, i looked really fair, but one thing that ain't so good is that it hurts like HELL.
It's way to sticky, wayyyyy... and i believe it removed my essential oils from my face completely.

Oh, and i was looking for mochi! That yummy thang! It used to be in 7eleven but it's gone!
So we bought Elle magazine.
Stayed over, and Isaac had to sleep on some hard blue puzzle thing. Poor Patrick.
Anyways, next day went to eat lunch, Sje Ting was too tired for school (yay!)

I bought Style magazine because they gave a free tote bag! It looked nice and i was wondering if this was a good magazine. Elle and Style SUCK, to me... Cleo is still the best ^^
And the bag ain't half as nice as it was in the picture. Bloody hell.
I went home after that, was so tired, it was jammed yet again, i really gotta complain to the Singapore Checkpoint.

Once i got into J.B, bought Super Rings. I tried to open it from the top since i hate peeling the sides. Butttt... it exploded and drop many of my precious cheesy rings! T.T
Why am i always a mess when it comes to food?!
It was a Friday! I didn't wanna go to Singapore that often either, so i rested at my grandma's house. I woke up at a comfy time of 3 P.M, ate a horrible lunch and only found a take away laksa when i finished the horrible noodles. YUCK! It was very frustrating, so I waited for an hour to digest my food before swimming.

Seeing the sky cloudy and windy i changed immediately into my swimsuit and right when i reached the pool side, IT STARTED TO RAIN DAMMIT. Not drizzle, if it only drizzled, i'd still swim for all i care. It was friggin raining, and i thought it'd rain the whole day then. So i went back and showered, once i got back into my PJ's it was friggin CLEAR. CLEAR BLUE BEAUTIFUL SKY. I was like " AGGGHHHHHUUGGHHHHHHH!$#%^&**^%$"

Bloody hell.

WHUZ supposed to go to Sentosa with Isaac and Sje Ting, but Isaac overslept and the weather hated me again. WHY?!?! So we ate McDonalds at Cause Way Point, Spongebob treated since she got her pay yesterday. Aww, love youuu! We went shopping, and Patrick was telling me which make-up product he uses. LOL, i mean... it's perfectly fine for males to put on make-up now. They should care about how they look too, it doesn't make them gay unless they put eyeshadow. We went to Guardian, i bought a Nivea moisturizer and Neutrogena Whitening Mask. 3 packets of durian worth S$10 :D Ate one and a half and gave the rest to Sje Ting's mom. She's such a cool, open-minded person like my momma! That's why i like her so much.

Went to church after and met up with Lyn, saw Faith as an usher but didn't get to meet up with her since the church was so big and when i asked "where?!" she just kept pointing to the middle area. -.=
I went home and enjoyed The Princess Dairy 2 on Channel 5. I just love Channel 5, they ALWAYS show good movies and shows unlike 8TV. So i don't feel bored if i don't have Astro in J.B.

Sunday! Which was the first day of June~ I met CK! Short for CHOONG KEAT! AHHA.
Sorry for being late! He treated me Pastamania, which reminded me of Sharon and Serene Hong during the last visit :[ So i said i'll treat him back when he comes to K.L! :D

Thanks CK! We had a gift-passing ceremony, he gave my maple syrup and i gave him Yakult. LOL! He had to go and i went to the library to read some stuff. Grabbed 3 magazines but only had enough time to read one! Which was National Geographic.

While queuing up for 950, i looked inside the bag CK gave me, not only a small cute bottle of maple syrup was there, but also ROYCE COOKIES! *SCREAMS*
I was thinking of eating one and saving the other for my grandma.
But after finishing the chocolate one, out of pure boredom i ate the other one too T.T
Sorry popo.

Not only TWO Baton Cookies and a small cute bottle of maple syrup was there, one piece of CANDY too! WHOA! He told me he bought that from Tokyo. Aww, thanks man!
You rock!

Oh yeah, AND before going back to J.B I went to XCraft to buy a new stud. But bloody hell! It was so expensive, so i just bought the head, costing me S$5. Go die lor!

It's nice right? A pretty pink-white pill.

I wanted to try it, might as well clean the whole stud.
Dumped them in water, i was too lazy to boil some.
He was right, it was friggin uncomfortable. But to me it looked so cool! Kinda weird though, a pill stuck on your tongue.
Who cares -.- Went to bed that night, and my grandma gave me a pajama. It was the funniest, cutest looking thing i've ever seen. it was like an enlarged 5-year-old dress.
I didn't tell you that my family (Mom's side) had a clothing factory back in the 70's.
Eng Chong was the name, but it closed down a few years ago.

I was chillin on Monday.This time, i was sure as hell to swim. Praise the Lord! It only started drizzling AFTER i came out of the water. After a shower, i tried out the mask.

mm-hmm, i LOVE masks! Did i ever tell you that? :P
I was trying to look like a bossy Caucasian big shot, i ended up appearing like a scary moron.
Turned up the radio of 92.4 FM, it's all classical music which i LOVE!
"Good music good life" is their trademark. And i agree!
how come they don't cover the eyelids?
For dinner, my Grandma brought me to a famous fish ball noodle place - Ah Koong's Restaurant.
It didn't look so appetizing to me, don't ya think?
Love you, grandma! *muahs*
SEE, even she know's how to hold chopsticks the right way, losers!
You're not supposed to cross the chopsticks like an 'X'.
After calling about two dozens of my contacts, I met up with Moses after. He picked me up from Danga View Condo, and we headed off to Danga Bay which is like 5 minutes away?
Sat in Secret Recipe and ordered some drinks.

He's total opposites from Moses Lim, that's for sure.
BLOODY HELL, my drink was crappy.
We chatted about stuff, Sarah, Dave, personal life and a such.
I look fugly! and he's Chinese by the way.
Took away a piece blueberry cheesecake from Secret Recipe.
On the way when he was driving me back, he was wondering why i wasn't as vain anymore.
I simply said that 15 is my "emo year." He said i lookED great but now... LOL.
Yeah, thanks, i know. But it also feels great just not to care anymore about how you look, it gets kinda tiring and superficial. Wait for my 16th birthday! I'll try to look fly.

4th which was a Wednesday, called that dumb bitch to meet up - Yen Ping!
But most importantly, i wanted to see Millie Dardar. She's one of the few people i genuinely care about, she's such a sweet, awesome friend. And i can always trust her to be the same over the years. Everything and almost everyone i knew changed when i came back, except her.

The checkpoint made me stand in line for one hour because there were so many damn people. They had 7 lanes CLOSED, what's their friggin problem!? Sorry for making you wait two hours!

I went to Orange Julius where Millie and her BF was, i didn't expect Denise! It was a bitchy surprise, she is always one that'll never change. Like saying "YOU BITCH! WHAT YOU DOING HERE?!" all the time.

Bitch, Dardar, Slut, and Rebel!
Millie, Denise, Yen Ping, and Zoe.
Maybe i am a 2006 dinosaur, because i really can't let go of the past.
I really just can't.

They were hungry, went to Horizon food court. Millie and I shared Ice Kachang!
I love you dear!
This is like Antarctica! Global warming is melting the ice mountain, STOP SMOKING!
Yen Ping wanted to go all the way to China Town to meet her BF. So i had to leave Millie :[
Said our good-byes at Cavana, remember i'm always thinking of you!

Stupid bitch, we took the wrong bus, 960. And we went ALL the way to Esplanade, we walked around aimlessly and reached Suntec City.
After she checked the board, it was suppose to be 961. -.-
We had to take the MRT to whatever, i forgot. We finally found her BF, it was his first time working at D&C (Design and Comfort) a shoe shop. We didn't get to walk around since she insisted on waiting for him at the stairs. Goodness babe, gosh.

While i was looking at the sign, i thought, "What the hell? People's Fark?"
After tilting my head, GAH, whatever!
We had dinner with Shaun (YP's BF) and his mom, and took the bus straight back to Woodlands.
Called Han Liang Kor out. Went to 304 Coffeeshop. Zhao Dong kor, Eric, Rayner... ugh, i didn't know most them well. They left, leaving only Zhao Dong and Han Liang.

I missed Jiajia so much, so i called Jia Long out! Us triplets had a chat in MONTHS!
Yenyen, Jiajia, Zuzu!
Miss you leh! But you've become so Ahbeng, tattooing all over your arms and chest, WHY!
Atleast you closed your lip piercing (: Have to take care of yourself okay?
Stay out of trouble, don't do anything dumb!

Zhao Dong was taking pictures of Han Liang... gay =x
Zoe mei & Dong kor! HAHAH
We were thinking who we should spend the night with. I preferred my brothers, but Yen Ping wanted Jiajia because she said they wouldn't nag at her to go back home. Stubborn.
Well, i met a new friend, his name is Wei Hong! :D

AHA, Wei Long with his cute pink bike!
Jiajia and his precious! (:
So i hugged Jia Long and went to Rocvon's house to play mah jong.

While walking over to his house, Yen Ping was complaining "Wor yao wan qian de hor..."
"No! I don't gamble, i won't play if we're using money." i replied.
"wor bu guan! wor mei qi wan qian de lor. cai hao wan lor!" she insisted.
"I'm not gonna gamble. Fine, you gamble. And later when we're not playing money, i'll join."
"Zoeeee! if you lose i pay for you, k?"
It ain't good to gamble hun! And it's risky.

This is Han Liang, all ready and set for victory.
But i haven't played Mah Jong in over a year! So my first win (below) was thanks to the aid of Rocvon.
I was damn happy! I was the noobest there, but i won the most!
My second winning, Rocvon were my eyes. I was playing around, asking lots of questions. Trying my best to learn.
This time, i was starting to take notice... but my head was still too hyperactive to concentrate on the game. I won yet again.
It was about 2 A.M? Siying and Han Liang wanted to play. So Liang took my spot and Siying replaced Dong.
Ironically, the people in my place keep winning too. Which was kinda ironic, right?
So we played awhile more, and i won a few more times.
"Wah! I think it's the good feng shui sia!" And they all started to laugh.
BUT, it really might have been! Or perhaps, beginner's luck?

Zhao Dong was hungry, we went down to eat at 4 in the morning? I was getting bored of Mah Jong and was whining on playing 'Chor Dai Di'. After supper, Yenping forced Zhao Dong to play with them. So Liang and Roc played chor dai di with me! Yay!
Later, I wanted to play Mah jong again, and damn was i serious!
This is Zhao Dong at approximately 6.30A.M. He totally collapsed, who wouldn't be exhausted hanging out the whole night? (Me!)
I won this all on my own! I 'pong-ed' mostly.
I only know the basics of winning Mah jong which is to have an eye, and just have triplets/quadruplets.
but Yenping was holding my card! Bitch you!
This was such a cool deck!
And for this one, i was waiting for one matching character.
At thise point, which was my 6th winning? i cursing out loud "Dammit! Should of gambled!"
LMAO, Yenping was in a foul mood even though we weren't playing real money.
Just using chips.
I habitually said "Praise the Lord!" Whenever i got the card i wanted.
By now, i was sneering at Yenping," If you gambled, you would have lost all your money by now. See? Good thing i insisted not to!"
This was a weird one, i LACKED tiles so i couldn't win at all. As you can see... two tiles are missing. I must have forgotten to retrieve a tile since it was already 8A.M.
"I SHOULD HAVE GAMBLED, DAMMIT!" When i won this one.
I went delirious whenever i got flowers/special cards but YenPing always got them!
Twice she had 5 at the very beginning, and if she didn't, she'd get atleast 3 along the way.
So i called her 'Flower girl'. She called me 'Pong girl'. WTH!
We stopped playing at 10 A.M. Slept till 3P.M. Han Liang and Zhao Dong were planning to go to J.B to BUY *SOMETHING. And i was going back anyway, so we went together.

They have NEVER been to Danga Bay! Unbelievable! So we drove them there and i introduced them to Secret Recipe which they have NEVER tasted before! I told them that cake was their specialty but NOO, they said they were hungry and didn't really wanna try out the cakes.
But Han Liang bought one in the end, Oreo Cheese. They liked it, but to me, it was one of the worst ones. Chocolate Indulgence is still the best!

They saw a mini pool table. RM$3 per game. We had 2 rounds. It was kinda boring since the quality wasn't good.

But Zhao Dong liked it.

Han Liang too! :D
We went to my grandma's condo, i soaked my jeans when we walked in the pool.
Hee, drove them off to Leisure Mall in Perling to find Ron after.
Hugged both of them and went home. Love you bros!

Here i am now, home dirty home. Great~
This is what my grandma gave me. I told you it was CUTE! And weird.

Oh well, i'll wear it when i'm pregnant to conceal my tummy :x
It ain't comfortable though, not of cotton material. I'll just wear it for fun nrxt time.

This was how my holidays went, how was yours? (:
Happy Holidays! They're ending! See ya'll.

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