Friday, June 13, 2008

Murni's meeting

Met up with some KSCB's peeps at Murni today!
Crystal was really nice to pick me and Suling up, on the way to pick up his girlfriend- Sarah Liane, we were talking about ghost experience. We passed by this house in USJ2 since we were driving through The Summit, and Suling was telling me this horrifying story about her friend seeing/hearing children play around and laughters or something. Then Crystal was telling us about his friend in Genting who heard cries from a baby... freaky, especially on Friday the 13th!

Well anyway, we reached Murni and everything was pretty much draggy since everyone was pretty much late... individually. Poor yoei was all alone with 3 tables and 8 chairs to himself.

Me, Suling and Sarah!

Andrew, Simon, Joshua, Crystal and I
Suling, Sarah and Yoei.

I honestly, hate going out unless it's air-conditioned and fancy, which obviously i don't have the money for every time. I'd rather have a tea party at a house or something simple. I don't really like going out to crowded places unless it's to meet my awesome friends!

As a KSCB trademark, we went to McDonald's after, it's like the 3rd time in a row?
I was really bored, so I folded some paper and asked everyone to comment.

There were two dares inside while the rest are statements from Simon, Suling and Andrew.
Simon's possesed =O

The dare was to kiss someone next to you... Simon kissed Andrew's hand (cheapo!), Suling and I kissed each other's cheeks! While Uncle Josh made-out with Ronald =/

PEI MAN! YOU'RE BF'S CHEATING ON YOU! WITH MCDONALD! well, i'm glad he was sporting anyway. (:

Suling hun

Josh boyboy, haa!

And us groupies

Of course Spongebob is part of the family!

Had an awesome time, and I'm glad Suling finally experienced MURNI!
The next one is ASIA CAFE, ridiculous i know that she's been studying here for quite some time but never been to these places! But since she's from Ipoh... it's fine (*duh*) :P

Thanks guys for the ride, and meet you guys soon!

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