Sunday, June 08, 2008

Honey Beeuty Academy

The reason why yesterday i couldn't make it for the Summer Splash party was because i had to go for a body art class. UGH! Wish it could have been today! Sherry in a bikini must have been H-A-U-T-E =X

Class started at 10AM. My mom paid a thousand bucks for this (which i am very grateful for) but at least they gave the materials. Damn right they better.

The ingredients used for the products (below) are 100% safe to use, all minerals and plant extracts so it'll be safe to use even on the most sensitive skin and can be counted as mineral make-up. It'll NEVER expire since there are no amino acids inside. That's a few of the reasons why it's so expensive.

I revised and did what i did the first time. If you notice, i like using sheer soft colors.
But they wanted bright strong colors to bring out the design and to leave an impression.

Before that, we also spend quite some time practicing on flowers. I failed T.T
It's not easy to learn like a game with rules, you needa practice till it's good.
Next part we were learning to draw a rose. This was my first try.
Hmm, teacher Bee kept saying it looked like a snake ):
I'm alright with the technique and drawing but color coordination was a big problem.
A beautiful illustration on how to draw a rose. Much needed help was answered.
My 3rd attempt was a little bit better, but i started to improve after this one. :D
When u wash it away, the color still remains :D Prettyyy right?!
This one's the first acceptable one i've made.
How do you make a second rose? You attach it to the first one!
I think this one's sweeeet! Love it :x
Our assignment was to use ALL of the brushes in any way we like.
Our example was this one, she was painting on my mom's arm.
I did this one, but i didn't know what to do with the last brush! My butterfly was a problem since it was too watery. Boo! Shucks.
We girls in the academy. Do you see any emos?
I didn't draw that T.T
She did. Teacher Bee! A.K.A Michelle. She just got married 6 months ago, congratulations!
She looks so young but she's already 39! :O
Mine wasn't as pretty. I think i was the youngest there, it's great to be young!
This girl was the one with me on my first class, she looked much younger then O.o

My butterfly, Bee's butterfly. Which one's nicer?!

I was mostly frustrated the whole day, unable to achieve the same results they had. And my mother nagging on my back wasn't mood-ruining. Wanted to tell my mom to get a life, but she was the one who paid for this, so i said nothing. *SCREAMS*
She tried correcting me a few times, she isn't a teacher nor even tried it.
When she did, it was nasty and i told her the method but she was stubborn.
One thing i hate about you mom, is that you're a hypocrite.

Saya nama Zoe Yve!

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