Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gays = Jews?

GAHHH! Can't believe HER. I just can't. she has no bloody sense of... CASUALNESS (or something)?!?!

Well, the story goes like this, everyday i have Malay class. And i love learning, especially a new language. So i was really enthusiastic and punctual for Malay class, since usually everyone dreaded Malay and only went 'cus their parents signed them up or didn't wanna stay in the class.

I am not good in Malay. Limme emphasize, my BM grade is two.
Grade two. -.-
So obviously, i didn't know hell lots a words and constantly needed my teacher's help and explanation. She's always busy teaching the whole class who's grade are like 6, neglecting me on my own and just throwing me a dictionary to find the meaning myself. I was alright with that, she was sweet to gimme extra lessons after school sometimes. But it gotten tiring and weary after a few months of frequent asking and probing... frustrated and stuff.

After the June holidays, i was transferred to Tch Deborah's class(PRAISE THE LORD!), and i moved everything and stuff to my table. Some fuggin idiot took my Malay book, so i didn't have anything to do in BM class.

The teacher was angry at ME. WHY ME? If it was for one or two days, it'd be a fine lame joke.
But that fuggin MORON took it for OVER A WEEK. So we kinda got into bad terms 2 days ago? Since i kept attending class doing nothing, she'd be shouting, " Zoe!! Where's your book? You left it at home? HUH!" I told her already, that somebody had my book and was playing a prank on me. But it wasn't funny, it was fuggin stupid of him. And i'm pretty sure it's HIM lah. Always taking my pen, handphone, books. Bloody ass.

Anyway, one day when i was with my school-mates at The Summit, someone said that this tall, muscular guy was her son and was a dancer. He looked awesome, was really fit but huge.
I told her about it. " Cikgu! I saw your son you know... he looks kinda gay. haa!"
She was laughing, "HEY! He does not okay! blablabla" I thought she knew i was joking.

So today when i came to school, i saw green book. That bloody bloody BLOODY fug finally gave it back. I was FURIOUS! Because of him, i had some disputes with the Malay tch. Finally, i went to class with my BM book. So i said, "He finally gave me my book, it was on the table."
Then she gave me this hateful stare, so i asked sternly, "Whut? You don't believe me?"
She continued her horrifying gaze replying that she didn't. I was hurt by the fact she thought i was some kid fooling around. When i was damn persistent about learning Malay.

The same thing happened. She was busy shouting to others the contents of their book, while i was left there doing work on my own. After completing one page, i walked up back to class. I was PISSED. During recess, suddenly she came up to my class and shouted my name, i walked up to her. "Why did you leave the class!? Who said you could leave!? Did i give you the permission to!?" I explained that i did my "work" already. She told me to return to my seat, after 10 minutes, i got frustrated and walked away eying her while she was talking to my teacher.

Tch Deb talked to me, saying that she was angry about me calling her son gay, and saying that i wasn't interested in learning Malay anymore. I was shocked, i was like WTF LOR @i#w$a%s^o%n&l$y%k^i#d@d#i#n$g%y*o&u^b$l%o#o%d@y!b*i^t&c*h%^. So that's what she's trippin over. I went down to apologize but...
her face showed such intense miserable anger glaring at me scolding, "What are you doing here?! What you say will come back to you! Go back to class now!!" I gave a okay-whatever face and went back.

At first, i was indignant thinking why the hell should i apologize? i was only kidding. Then I was pissed...if she can't take jokes, then fug off. i'm quitting the class anyway. Later, i had this tremendous guilt over me. Oh my goodness, she was actually hurt by what i said. I shouldn't have, see Zoe... not everyone is as open and cool as you. Next time, watch your words when you're not talking to good-humored friends. I've learned a lesson at least.

I was hoping to reach the point of understanding, i tried to be in her shoes imagining if one day a kid told me my son looked gay. And i pictured myself saying, "Oh cool."
That sure didn't help.
I went home and asked my mom," Mom, what would you do if one day some dude told you Howe looked gay?"
She replied, "At least he's not gay then it's fine."

YOU SEE, maybe she is the one sensitive about it. But i'd like to apologize again publicly anyway, it was still wrong of me to say that even though i said it lightly. And your son is very hot and hunky. (:

Deborah was then telling me not to say gay jokes. I was totally defending myself 'cus practically EVERYONE in my school talks like that. "You fag/GAY LA/faggot/that's so gay lor! et cetera."
She continued by explaining it wasn't nice and even though they have the wrong belief they suffer persecution sometimes as bad as Christians being beaten up and dissed. So i was like....
we can't say no Jew nor GAY jokes? Wtfaggot.

**I am not against homos/bis/lesbos/gays.
People called me a lesbian before, i was cool about it. What's the fuggin big deal?

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