Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Family Day?

After school, i had a family dinner with my aunt and uncle (Grandma's sister and brother-in-law). So i was thinking WTH to wear. Formal... or young?
I decided to try on a skirt i bought two years ago which i never wore before.
And the reason was 'cus i never found an occasion to wear such... hmm, 'mature' wear.

OMG right?!

Instantly, i look like a decade older. Guys, i'm only 15. Not 20 :[


We left at 5.20PM to fetch Tze.

Undoubtedly, we camwhored a little, since it was such a nice occasion.

And I helped my mom out with her make-up ^^Y
(cept the lips, she did that herself.)

Isn't my mama gorgeous?
Oversea Restaurant's entrance.
Bored :/ What to do when you're with your relatives. Old relatives.
*shows off long self-manicured nails*
Tze and I.
I had one carrot, star fruit, honeydew juice without sugar. It's awesome!
Ben, Yi gong, Yi por, Mommy, Me, and Tze.
We had wine, [Yellow Tail] Merlot, 2006. It was red. "Blooduh!"
Mind you, i only had two glasses. The amount of one glass is actually only 3/5 the glass.

So i guess you could say i only had one full glass. It was full-bodied and bitter. With some blueberry scent to it. Ugh. I hate the bitterness.

My uncle was getting piss-drunk though. Red all over, as usual. One time i went to visit them, he was piss-drunk again. I said, "Hello Yi gong."
Then he looked at me listlessly, and suddenly raised his voice, "Zoe! The superstar!!"
I was totally freaked out, till uncle Teck Wai told me he was drunk and to ignore him.
Now i've made it a point that the only alcoholic drink that i consume is either wine or something new like tequila, or six benches on the beach, bloody Mary and all those weird names.
No beer, no pure vodka. It just ain't no good nor fun.
Also, i only drank wine today to try it and for the antioxidants. Cleans bacteria in your mouth too! :D

Had a wonderful meal and time with them. Hope to visit them soon.

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