Saturday, June 21, 2008

Disguising my way into Nuffnang's Wild'live' blogging!

The other day, i was craving for junk food, wanted to buy Super Rings, that super cheesy and oily snack but that bloody pathetic store didn't have it so i bought Chipsters!

Well anyway, thank God and Robb for getting the invitation to Wild'live' blogging!
WOOHOO! So Marielle wanted to stay over my place since she didn't have transport to go to today's Sport's day.

We went over to Century Fiesta (thanks Andrew, and sorry for the trouble) to pick out some costumes! ANIMAL COSTUMES!

This is a tiger, i liked it A LOT. Wanted to rent it but my mom insisted on something more special since i was eying that laptop :x

A monkey? Cute but... i don't know. Didn't seem to have the 'X factor' if you get what i mean?

This is a panty leopard. Weird. Hell no.

Marielle was trying on all the accessories, that place was so cool! Everything you need for Halloween. Leopard with tiger's ear? Go die.

Boogey man and Cat woman? Nuh-uh...

Mystique Leopard and a geek? Nice :D

Looks cool right? Except that time i didn't have a tube to wear -.- Ahems*
So Marielle came home with me, i showered and we changed. She met Uncle Ben, which was kinda frustrating. Went to SS2's Chinese restaurant to eat, and amazingly... she knows how to use the chopsticks CORRECTLY. And she's FILIPINO man! SHAME ON YOU FELLOW ASIANS/CHINESE!
We came back, went shopping in Mydin to buy ingredients for our CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!
While checking the recipe, she decided to try out my iGallop, what i call "The Obscene Machine."
You're sitting it the wrong way, don't break the handle! But she's as cute as ever.
Now we bought chocolate buttons, marsh mellows, and WHIPPING cream.
We first dump the marsh mellows and chocolate together in a pan.
You dumb 4 spoons of water and heat it while stirring. Never leave it to boil! Stir it constantly.
Till it becomes like this! Gooey and slimy. The marsh mellows must be melted completely.
We didn't wanna whip the whipping cream manually, and Marielle knew it'd take a long time.
Me, using my common sense said, " why don't we use the bloody BLENDER!?"
"Oh yeah! Smart girl." But of course, haa.
It's got to be firm, not to soft or lofty.
And we put them together like this.
Mix it together slowly. SLOWLY, not screwing it like emulsion.
Van Houten's melted chocolate button! *hmmmm*
You put them into containers..
and after an hour or overnight in the frigde.
it'll become mousse!

We did the mud mask, i love treating my friends mud masks 'cus it shows how much i care for them to actually want them to have good skin. LOL.
We spent the time licking off the melted chocolate and chatting about stuff in my room.

I'll blog about sport's day next time, but for now... i'm gonna go for WILD'LIVE' PARTY!
PRAISE THE LORD! Ciaos. Guess which costume i'll be wearing! :P

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